#10029 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

01:43 – Can superheroes, like Batman, be devout Catholics and still beat up bad guys? 
06:10 – Are Protestant baptisms valid? 
10:58 – In James 2, Protestants say we are not justified by faith and works, that the works portion is justification before man, not God. How can I respond to this? 
17:51 – Since Mary underwent the ritual purification of all mothers under the law, doesn’t that prove that she wasn’t a perpetual virgin? 
22:17 – Why don’t the eastern orthodox recognize the pope as the successor of Christ? 
31:37 – Did the early Church teach that the Jews were collectively guilty of deicide? 
36:21 – What is the Catholic understanding of predestination? 
40:53 – I recently heard on NPR from this author who wrote a book about the Bible. She claimed that God referred to himself in the Old Testament as Satan. Is that true? What could she be talking about? 
47:14 – What is the difference between the genealogies of Jesus in Matthew versus Luke? 
49:12 – How do we know which definition of “Elohim” is being used each time in the bible? 

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