#9983 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

04:15 – What does Hebrews 5:7-10 mean? Is it referring to when Christ was young? 
11:05 – Why do the dates of Ash Wednesday and Easter move every year? 
18:30 – If both forms of the Mass are attended reverently and performed reverently, is one more important or weighty than the other? 
21:51 – When is it permissible to lie? 
33:33 – What is the Church’s stance on developing a human organ in an animal, to then transplant the organ into a human body? 
37:45 – Would the Catholic Church see the superhero, the Vision, as a human? 
43:20 – In the book of Ezra, the importance of a tabernacle has become clear to me. Why aren’t all tabernacles in the same place in all Catholic Churches? Is there a way for my Church to move the tabernacle directly behind the altar? 
47:20 – How can I reconcile Matthew 6:1 and Matthew 5:16? They seem to suggest two different ways of living. 
49:40 – My family is Asian and makes noodle soup for breakfast. The broth for this soup is often made from pork or beef. Can I still eat this with my family during Lent? 
52:17 – What level of doctrine or teaching is the reservation of the priesthood for men? 

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