#9955 Catholic Answers Game Show - Karlo Broussard

CONTESTANT ONE Q1. – Consubstantiation is:

A) The Catholic doctrine that says Jesus is present with the bread and wine of the Eucharist.
B) Not a Catholic doctrine.
C) The teaching that Jesus and the Father share the same substance.

CONTESTANT TWO Q1 – Divinization is:

A) The Christian teaching that we shall be made like God.
B) The Christian teaching that the Eucharist becomes God.
C) Actually, a Buddhist teaching having to do with us all being part of God.

CONTESTANT ONE Q2. – Material cooperation with evil is:

A) Always sinful.
B) Not always sinful.
C) Not always a mortal sin, but always at least a venial sin.

CONTESTANT TWO Q2 – The conditions for a mortal sin are usually given as:

A) Grave matter, full knowledge, and consent of the will.
B) Malice, pride, and lust.
C) The age of reason and full knowledge of the teachings of Jesus.

CONTESTANT ONE Q3– The Catholic office of “cardinal” is:

A) One of the levels of Holy Orders instituted by Christ.
B) An office instituted over time by the Church.
C) An office reserved only to bishops.

CONTESTANT TWO Q3. – The oldest existing written copy of biblical book dates to:

A) Roughly the fifth century A.D.
B) About the time of Christ.
C) At least 100 years before Christ. (Isaiah scroll from Dead sea scrolls)

CONTESTANT ONE Q1 – Souls in purgatory:

A) Can benefit from our acts of charity.
B) Can only benefit from our prayers and fasting.
C) Cannot experience the love of God until they get out.

CONTESTANT TWO Q1 – Souls in Purgatory experience:

A) Joy
B) Suffering
C) Both Joy and Suffering

CONTESTANT ONE Q2 – One reason Invitro Fertilization is morally unacceptable is:

A) God creates life without our cooperation, and we cannot interfere with that.
B) IVF separates a child’s conception from the conjugal act of its parents.
C) There is no certainty that an artificially conceived person will have a soul.

CONTESTANT TWO Q2 – By Original Sin humanity has been:

A) Totally Corrupted.
B) Deeply Wounded.
C) Deprived of any sense of right and wrong.

CONTESTANT ONE Q3 – Anointing of the Sick is:

A) Directly taught by Jesus (Mark 6).
B) Only taught in the Letter of James.
C) A practice that is not directly taught in the New Testament.

CONTESTANT TWO Q3 – Anointing of the Sick can be received:

A) Only when death is imminent
B) Only three times in a person’s lifetime
C) As many times as is needed


FALSE: The human intellect of Jesus is infinite.
TRUE: The human will of Jesus is perfect.
TRUE: By nature, Jesus is infinitely higher than Mary.
TRUE: Mormon baptism is not accepted by the Catholic Church.
FALSE: Once we die, we are completely outside of time.
FALSE: Baptism must be done in fresh water. (No, any natural water can be used.)
TRUE: Fallen angels cannot be saved.

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