#9947 Keeping Your Kids in the Faith - Fr. Sebastian Walshe

Questions covered:

17:27 – What is the most appealing way to reach someone deep into internet atheism? 
28:38 – My granddaughter doesn’t want to make her confirmation and doesn’t believe in the real presence. She goes through the motions for her parents but now their priest is saying she shouldn’t receive communion if she doesn’t believe. Now she feels like she’s being shunned. What should we do? 
34:40 – My son isn’t baptized but he comes occasionally to Mass with me because he wants to understand. 
42:50 – Do you prove in your book that the Catholic Church is the true faith? 
47:15 – My two godchildren fell away in college. How can I get them back? 
52:06 – Do you think kids are falling away because of modernism?

Resources mentioned:

Always a Catholic by Fr. Walshe
When Harry Became Sally by Ryan Anderson

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