#9893 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

08:02 – What is the Catholic Church’s position on the Covid-19 vaccines that are being developed from aborted fetal cells? 
13:00 – I see a lot of evidence that the great apostasy has already taken place. Why do you think it has not? 
17:29 – Is it wrong to say prayers for the success of my work? 
21:25 – What were the merits of the baptisms that John the Baptist performed? 
23:31 – How can someone be truly happy if someone they love is in hell? 
29:04 – Why do Catholics believe sola scriptura is wrong? 
35:22 – Why did the blood of St. Januarius remain solid? 
41:40 – Is it possible that someone who did something to me when I was a child could have put a curse on me? Are there steps that I can take to remove it, if that is the case? 
48:20 – In Luke’s gospel, why does Jesus, in a parable, praise the steward’s dishonesty in paying off his master’s debtors? 
51:27 – How can I teach my family that the early church was Catholic? 

Resources Mentioned:

The Bible Is A Catholic Book 
JAMW – #126 Curses
The Father’s Know Best by Jimmy Akin

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