#9887 Tips for Defending the Faith - Trent Horn

Questions Covered:

07:13 – What is your greatest argument for converting to Catholicism from Protestantism? I am a convert to Protestantism from atheism? 
16:33 – How do we go about taking on people within the Church who have contradictory views to what the Church teaches? 
23:00 – I’ve heard some things that concern me from the pulpit that concern me concerning pro-life issues. I am hearing that being anti-abortion is not the most important issue in comparison with healthcare and discrimination. How should I be thinking about this? 
34:44 – How can I engage with Protestants about sola scriptura? 
47:44 – How can I respond to people who say that Catholics worship the saints more than Jesus? 
51:44 – How can we defend the fact that the Church has authority like Scripture? 

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