#9812 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

04:00 – Apostolic succession is in both the roman and orthodox catholic church, but they differ, how and why is this the case?
11:50 – Why are all souls day and all saints’ day so close to each other and what is the difference, why are they so close to Halloween?
6:43 –  Are humans really so different after 5,000 years and is his analogy on teaching Hebrew really comparable to teaching a people morals and theology?
29:11 – Has the triumph of the immaculate heart at Fatima happened yet or is it to come?
32:33 – Is it okay for Catholics to listen to evangelical music?
39:05 – I know someone considering becoming Catholic and they are willing to consent to the church’s teachings, except for Marian Devotions. Can they become Catholic if they won’t say a Hail Mary?
43:40 – The Catholic Church has some documents on the glorification and exaltation of violence in media, does that mean that combat in video games or action in film and tv is sinful?
50:05 – A priest said “consider wearing a mask and it will be used as prayers for souls in purgatory” Can I have more clarification on that?

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