#9813 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

01:00 – When should we talk to kids about what happens with pets after they die?
9:15 – What is a doctor of the church and how can one become a doctor of the church?
14:30 – Can you speak to the subject of the bi-location of Saints? Is it as rare as the stigmata? Or are there many saints that have been bi-located?
18:51 – Can you recommend any books with research on becoming a better Catholic Man?
22:38 – What implications does Ipson esse have?
27:37 – I was wondering if you were a Catholic then if your grandparents or family were not Catholic would you be able to see them in heaven?
30:04 – I have seen different versions of the catechism- which one is the right one to buy?
34:01 – How does the old testament and the book of genesis get so specific that it often gets interpreted as metaphorical?
41:15 – There are different rights in different parishes- what are the differences?
47:00 – How do you respond to the claim that a lot of Catholics don’t take personal faith seriously?

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