#9810 Light and Leaven - Bishop Joseph Strickland

Questions Covered:

11:45 – My husband and I have left the Church over the scandals, we are struggling with the fact that the laity doesn’t have much power in helping the community with that. What can we do as laypeople to help prevent those issues?
18:00 – Will the bishop be in favor of reform of the college of bishops, where there will be more accountability to the laity and will be part of that structural reform?
24:30 – I have a friend who is a fallen Catholic, now methodist, how do I appeal to her that our faith is the truth? Can I have some advice?
35:00 – What are your thoughts on Pope Francis’ statement about civil unions?
44:03 – I own a Catholic store in New York, what books should I have in the store?
47:29 – Are canonizations infallible?

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