#9811 Why It Matters To Be Catholic - Karlo Broussard

Questions Covered:

2:45 – What are we to make of the pope’s comments on civil unions?
17:48 – How do you explain purgatory to Catholics that are rejecting it and how can I defend my faith against my born again brother when they reject prayers to Mary and purgatory?
21:44 – Are we still going to be judged after we are released from purgatory or are we judged before we enter purgatory?
34:33 – I have been a Catholic my whole life and what happened today with the pope has made me lose a lot of hope. What advice can you give on how to deal with this?
43:45 – When Catholics who say statements that are not “catholic,” why can they receive communion and how can they get excommunicated?
47:55 – How much longer can we be Catholic with all the scandals going through the church?
52:41 – How do we pray for a close friend who has passed away suddenly, and we don’t know where they are with God?

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