#9806 Trustful Surrender - Debbie Georgianni

Questions Covered:

12:35 – Society itself used to support Christianity and now that it hasn’t, how can we navigate that in today’s world with your family.
18:54 – My son has fallen away from the faith, he is gay. How do I deal with the holidays?
28:25 – My son got married outside of the Catholic Church even though they are Catholic, how can help them learn about the importance of the sacrament of matrimony?
32:13 – I feel depressed when I pray for my children to follow the Catholic faith, and I find it hard to pray for them because it causes me to feel so sad.
42:05 – What happens if your kids die without being converted to Catholicism? How should I feel about that?
50:00 – My daughters are 16 &14, our family has been through a lot recently and I can’t decide if I should force them to receive the sacrament of Confirmation or not.

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