#9800 Ask a Priest - Fr. Paul Scalia

Questions Covered:

06:42 – Does any other Christian denomination believe in Purgatory? Where is purgatory in the Bible?
16:08 – Are all human beings born with a soul? Are human beings born with a conscience?
18:14 – What would happen to someone who has not gone to confession for five years?
24:39 – If a priest were to bless the ocean would the ocean be holy water?
30:28 – If, during COVID, my diocese requires Communion in the hand, should I refrain from Communion and pray a spiritual communion instead?
32:58 – What does it mean to “offer Jesus”?
36:41 – What is your advice for someone deciding between following Catholicism or Atheism?
43:19 – In my work as a nurse, am I sinning by giving hormone injections to patients with gender dysphoria?
46:48 – Why does the Catholic crucifix have Jesus on it? And why do crucifixes make him look so weak?
51:15 – Can people who are not Catholic go to heaven?

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