#9796 Your Bible Questions - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:
05:13 – Is there a Biblical reason for why we ring the bells at consecration? 
06:30 – Were Adam and Eve real people? 
14:53 – How do we harmonize the apparent contradictions in the resurrection narratives? 
20:47 – Does Jimmy have any recommendations on beginner-level books about textual criticism of the Bible? 
24:29 – Are the stories of Noah’s Ark, Jonah, and Job real events, or are we to take them only as stories? And are there other books/stories of the Bible that we’re meant to take as only stories? 
42:35 – Is it possible that Adam and Eve were created by God after the Neanderthals died out? Maybe he decided to start fresh? 
48:30 – What are the best verses that show the possibility of losing salvation? 

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