#9791 Bioethics - Fr. Tad Pacholczyk

Vaccines, euthanasia, organ donation, and much more, today, with Fr. Tad.
Questions Covered:

08:32 – What is the Catholic Church’s current teaching on adopting IVF babies in the form of embryos? 
19:25 – Is it true that aborted fetal tissue may be used in vaccines and we may take the vaccines as long as there is no other option? 
28:22 – Is it true that you are not truly dead when you donate your organs? Is it moral for a person to donate an organ to someone else, like a kidney? 
34:41 – What is the Church’s teaching on transgender hormone treatments and surgeries, especially on kids? 
46:31 – Should we be reaching out to these vaccine companies now requesting that they do not use embryonic cells? 
50:32 – How should Catholics react if it is mandated for everyone to get a covid vaccine in order to go to work or school? 

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