#9787 Real Philosophy for Real People - Fr. Robert McTeigue

Yet whether we like it or not, almost every corner of our lives—from dissertation writing to channel surfing—brings us face to face with competing philosophies and world views, each claiming to tell us definitively what it means to be human. How can we know which one is right? And what difference does it make?
Questions Covered:

13:03 – How, as Catholics, are we to read the pagan philosophers? 
21:37 – How can we combat human constructed truths and relativism? 
32:12 – I have a 10-year-old daughter who is really questioning God. Is there a resource out there for her to answer some of her questions? She’s a big reader. 
36:15 – What is the difference between philosophy and metaphysics? 
46:00 – Earlier you said that the only alternative to Nietzsche was Thomas Aquinas. Nietzsche makes a lot of sense to me. I am Catholic, but why shouldn’t I believe him? 

Resources Mentioned:

The One Minute Aquinas by Kevin Vost
BitChute.com – Stefan Molyneux – FreeDomain
Real Philosophy for Real People Fr. Robert McTeigue .S.J.
Fr. Spitzer – The Magis Institute – magiscenter.com
The Death of Christian Culture

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