#9780 The Marriage Bond - Rose Sweet

What makes a marriage valid and sacramental? What is the marriage bond? Rose Sweet explains.
Questions Covered:

21:10 – Can a marriage still be valid even if it is not sacramental? 
28:58 – Has there been an increase in the dissolution of marriage throughout the country? 5 of my friends have gotten divorced and were granted annulments in the last year. 
32:06 – I’m contemplating filing for an annulment. I have been divorced for 2 years. In my opinion, our marriage was valid, but my husband didn’t think it was. When is it appropriate to file for annulment? 
36:50 – What do you do when you have an argument with your wife, but she misunderstands what you said and is hurt by it? What can you do? 
42:10 – My daughter and her fiancé were both raised Catholic but are not marrying in the Church. Is it still a marriage? 
48:25 – How can I know that I am ready for marriage? 

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