#9775 Catholic Answers Quiz Show - Karlo Broussard

 1) What is public revelation?

A) The revelation of God in nature.
B) The revelation of God which ceased with the death of the last Apostle.
C) The revelation of God before the specific revelation of Jesus.

2) Catholics believe Angels are:

A) Spirits but not persons.
B) Symbols of God’s power.
C) Persons of a purely spiritual nature.

3) A human person is

A) An individual substance of a rational nature.
B) A rational soul that is trapped within a body.
C) A rational individual but not a substance.

4) God created the world:

A) As the best world he could possibly create.
B) In a state of journeying toward perfection.
C) In a fallen state.

5) Ex communication means:

A) A person is condemned to hell unless they repent.
B) A person is labeled as evil.
C) A person is excluded from the communion of believers.

6) Solidarity means:

a) Sharing all our goods in common as is done in a monastery.
b) Giving to institutions rather than directly to the poor.
c) Actively praying and working for the good of others, especially those in need, because they are our brothers and sisters.


1) The common good is:

A) The “sum total of social conditions which allow people, either as groups or as individuals, to reach their fulfillment more fully and more easily” (Pacem in Terris 55).
B) When society does the most good for the most people.
C) The effort by society to limit wealth disparity between people.

2) Material cooperation with an evil:

A)Is not always sinful
B) Is worse than formal cooperation
C) Is always sinful

3) Murder in the course of war:

A) Is acceptable if undertaken for grave reasons.
B) Is not evil because war involves killing.
C) Is a grave evil.

4) Which of these is the source and summit of Christian life?

A) Baptism
B) The Eucharist
C) Heaven

5) The Communion of Saints refers to:

A) The canonized saints who can be honored at Mass.
B) All of the saints in heaven whether they have been canonized or not.
C) All of those who have been made children of God by Christ whether in heaven, on earth, or in purgatory.

6) A Catholic patient choosing euthanasia or medical suicide:

A) Cannot be given the sacraments unless they repent.
B) Can receive confession before dying.
C) Can receive all of the sacraments to help them as they go to God.

1) T or F Every soul in Purgatory is a member of the Catholic Church.
2) T or F Human dignity can only be violated in self-defense.
3) T or F The Church denies that natural marriage is possible and only accepts sacramental marriage.
4) T or F Jesus teaches that if a man marries a divorced woman he commits adultery.
5) T or F No adult can come to a state of justification without faith.
6) T or F The souls in Heaven have more faith than we do.
7) T or F The souls in Heaven are perfected in love and incapable of suffering.

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