#9773 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Callers choose the topics during Open Forum, peppering our guests with questions on every aspect of Catholic life and faith, the moral life, and even philosophical topics that touch on general religious belief. 
Questions Covered:

02:12 – What is a good place to learn Latin? I became Catholic in June and have been attending the Latin Mass, but I don’t know any Latin. 
08:05 – Why aren’t Catholics allowed to join a Masonic Lodge? 
15:46 – My mother is a fundamentalist Christian, and I am Catholic. She asked me what Catholics believe about the dual theory of salvation. How can I answer her? She is not a scholar, so I want to explain simply. Send Drama of Salvation 
23:29 – Why can’t there be no God? Isn’t it possible that it’s just atoms out there and this is it? 
28:34 – What exactly is papal infallibility? 
31:42 – How do I explain to my friend that the orthodox church split from the Catholic Church and not the other way around? 
40:27 – Why didn’t you include an index in your book, “The Bible Is a Catholic Book”? 
42:10 – There are three sixes consecutively in my phone number. Is my phone number evil? Do I have to change it? 
44:41 – I heard on a Catholic radio show recently that between September 21-December 21 will be the worst of the pandemic, guaranteed, and that we must spiritually prepare ourselves. Is this Church teaching? 
50:50 – What is the best argument to convince someone of theism? 

Resources Mentioned:

William Whelan – Christianity and American Freemasonry https://amzn.to/3mOSw2l
Why I am not Eastern Orthodox by Jimmy Akin
Teaching with Authority by Jimmy Akin
The Fathers Know Best: Your Essential Guide to the Teachings of the Early Church by Jimmy Akin
Why Be Catholic and Exercise for Evangelicals by Jimmy Akin


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