#9770 Let Go of Anger and Stress - Gary Zimak

In a world of chaos and negative news, how can we keep our peace and let go of anger and stress?
Questions Covered:

18:49 – My husband is angry and stressed over the election, his mother, and being retired early. How can I help and deal with my angry husband? 
24:40 – What is the importance of silence with God in the process of inviting the Holy Spirit to come into us? 
36:41 – Thank you for your book! It has helped me so much. 
38:48 – How do I deal with the chaotic human condition? 
43:50 – How can I handle the stress of my past? I really want control of things and want to let go of that need for control. 
48:23 – How can I respond when people act angry around me? 

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