#9771 Refuting Arguments in Favor of Relativism - Karlo Broussard

Relativism is confusing and wrong. How can we refute it?
Questions Covered: 

13:41 – My mother-in-law is agnostic. When I try to talk to her about the Catholic Church, she says things like, “All religions promote peace,” as if there are no differences among the different faiths. Is this relativism? How can I respond? 
20:37 – When the president uses relativism, how should faithful Catholics respond? Is it enough to support a president because they are pro-life, even though they use relativism in other areas? 
34:05 – Are you saying that you shouldn’t force your opinion on someone? 
43:48 – How can I respond to “I feel” arguments from relativists? 
48:00 – Can you give me some tips on how to respond to pro-choice people who say, “What if it was your daughter/you were in their situation…” etc.? 
51:44 – Do the ends ever justify the means? 

Resources Mentioned:

On Bullshit — Book by Harry Frankfurt 
Persuasive Pro-Life by Trent Horn

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