RPL: On the Road, Austin, MN Hr. 2 March 13 Jean McDermott, Fr. James Steffes, Fr. Keith Streifel, Deacon Paul Treinen

In this hour, Steve Splonskowski, RPR Executive Director, and Brandon Clark, Programming Director, continued live from St. Augustine’s Parish in Austin, MN. They visited with Fr. James Steffes and Jean McDermott, Pacelli Catholic Schools Principal, about the beauty of Catholic education in a confused world and how Pacelli helps keep priorities straight when it comes to living out our faith. The Diocese of Bismarck’s Fr. Keith Streifel then talked about St. Joseph, how he is the patron of immigrants and travelers, and the upcoming celebration at St. Joseph’s Parish in Dickinson, ND. Finally, Brandon and Steve joined Deacon Paul Treinen, Executive Director of Abbey of the Hills Inn and Retreat Center in Marvin, SD, to talk about an opportunity for married couples to step away from the busyness of life and reconnect with each other and the Lord.

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