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Monday, August 19th 2019
Join host Fr. Craig Vasek LIVE from the
University of Mary in Bismarck, ND for the following:
Coming to you LIVE from the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND


Rachel Brash, 9:05-9:20 a.m.

For four straight years, it’s the only college in North Dakota and one of a handful in the region to be recognized as one of the nation’s top places of higher learning. Hear how the University of Mary in Bismarck is setting the bar for innovative learning opportunities as we visit with Rachael Brash, Executive Director of University of Mary Worldwide.

Honor Our Fathers, 9:20-9:25

Tune in to see who the winner will be!

Straight Talk with Fr. Craig Vasek, 9:30-10:00

Prayerfully Yours, 10:02-10:07

Praying for all the intentions you've shared with us!


Jerome Richter, 10:08-10:20
There are a lot of exciting things happening at the University of Mary! From a beautiful Rome campus to a brand new athletics strategic plan, Jerome Richter, Vice President for Public Affairs, will give us a preview of what students can come to expect when they take in life at Mary.
10-Minute Tour, 10:20-10:30
Tune in to our 10-Minute Tour to find out about events happening around the area!
Heart of Your Legacy, 10:30-10:45

Do you love the mission of a particular charitable organization and want to support it with funds from your IRA but are concerned you will pay a lot of taxes and not have enough left over? There’s a simple solution, which we’ll tell you about in this Heart of Your Legacy segment!.

Catherine Hadro, 10:45-11:00
What are the keys to winning on the pro-life front? Catherine Hadro, host of EWTN’s Pro Life Weekly, will share her simple yet profound thoughts as we visit with her and preview the upcoming ND Right to Life Banquet in Fargo.
Tuesday, August 20th 2019
Join hosts Dr. Chris Burgwald & Heather Karrow LIVE from
the Banquet in Sioux Falls, SD for the following:
We're coming to you LIVE from The Banquet in
Sioux Falls, SD!
Guest of the Banquet, 9:05-9:20 a.m.

The Banquet is a ministry that has been nourishing the Sioux Falls community for 33 years, serving hundreds of thousands of meals each year to those in need. We’ll hear how one Guest of The Banquet has relied on this ministry for food for the body and soul.


Fr. George Asigre, 9:20-9:30

There is a boom in vocations to the priesthood in Africa, and several of those priests find their way to the United States to serve our parishes. We’ll visit with Fr. George Asigre about life in Africa and why he thinks the priesthood is growing abundantly in his homeland.


Straight Talk with the Msgr. Charles Mangan,

INSPIRED: Jennifer Schaeffer, 10:00-10:20

She was raised Catholic but became Lutheran after getting married; yet, she never felt quite at home. Tune in as we visit with Jennifer Schaeffer about her journey of faith and what it was that ultimately led her and her family home to the Catholic Church during this INSPIRED segment.

10-Minute Tour, 10:20-10:30
Tune in to our 10-Minute Tour to find out about events happening around the area!
Emily Leedom, 10:30-10:45
Teens in our culture face a sexual onslaught that’s present in almost everything they do or see -- movies, TV, music, and social media. What can parents do about this to be able to instill the value of chastity in their children? Emily Leedom of the Diocese of Sioux Falls will provide some advice.
Bev Beaudette, 10:45-11:00

Marriage is a gift, and it’s a gift to be celebrated! You can do just that in the Diocese of Duluth with this year’s Anniversary Mass and Dinner. We’ll find out about the story behind this event and what’s all included in this special evening as we visit with Bev Beaudette.

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019
Join Executive Director Steve Splonskowski & Programming Coordinator Brandon Clark LIVE On the Road from the Church of St. Patrick in
Wall, SD for the following:
On the Road this week is sponsored by
Red Rock Restaurant and Lounge!


INSPIRED: Kelly Kjerstad, 9:05-9:30 a.m.
It might be a common thought that when a child discerns the priesthood or religious life it’s because of how parents have fostered vocations in the home. But that isn’t always the case. Hear how one family was brought BACK to the faith through a daughter living out her call to be a nun in this INSPIRED segment.


Straight Talk with Fr. Tony Gossenburg, 9:30-10:00


INSPIRED: Ken Charfauros, 10:00-10:20

He’s a meat-packing, restaurant-owning, on-fire Catholic! Did we mention he’s also retired Air Force? Ken Charfauros has a story to share, and we’ll hear how his faith has carried him through each of life’s adventures in this INSPIRED segment.


Jean Virant, 10:20-10:40

She’s a Catholic school principal, yet she sees herself as “Chief Servant Leader.” We’ll hear the story behind this different sort of title and what it means to her as we visit with Jean Virant in this segment.

Lynda Bell, 10:40-11:00

Can one call the push for unrestricted abortion radically insane? Lynda Bell, President of Florida Right to Life, thinks so. She’ll share why as we preview her upcoming visit for a couple of ND Right to Life banquets.


Thursday, August 22nd, 2019
Join hosts Fr. James Gross & Fr. Jason Lefor for the following:


Deacon Les Noehre, 9:05-9:25 a.m.

From being a convert to the Catholic faith to hearing the call to be a permanent deacon, Deacon Les Noehre has been on quite the spiritual journey. We’ll hear all about it as we visit with him and celebrate 40 years of the Permanent Diaconate in the Fargo Diocese during this INSPIRED segment.


Prayerfully Yours,9:25-9:30
Praying for all the intentions you've shared with us!

Straight Talk with Fr. Jason Lefor & Fr. James Gross, 9:30-10:00


Betsy Kneepkens, 10:05-10:20
As her son has been preparing for marriage, Betsy Kneepkens has found inspiration from Mary, the Mother of God, and her role of calling Jesus to begin His public ministry. How are these two connected for Betsy? Tune in to find out.
10-Minute Tour, 10:20-10:30
Join us on our 10-Minute Tour around the listening area to hear about great local events!
Phil Stone & Emily Luke, 10:30-10:40
How is Jesus working on campus at Minnesota State University, Mankato? Through the student missionaries at St. Thomas More Catholic Newman Center. We’ll hear more about how they’re carrying out the mission to evangelize in this segment.
Sr. Rebecca Metzger & Betty Canavan, 10:45-11:00
For nearly 75 years, St. Anne’s Guest Home in Grand Forks, ND has carried out its mission of serving the elderly and disabled. We’ll hear more about the beauty and goodness of the St. Anne’s mission as we visit with Sr. Rebecca Metzger and resident Betty Canavan.
Friday, August 23rd, 2019
Join hosts Fr. Tim Biren & Matt Willkom LIVE from the Diocese of Winona-Rochester Chancery in Winona, MN


Dr. Susan Windley-Daoust, 9:05-9:20 a.m.

When it comes to evangelization...where do we begin? Is there a step-by-step process we can take to make it easier to share the Gospel message? That’s what we’ll find out as we visit with Dr. Susan Windley-Daoust of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester.

Prayerfully Yours, 9:20-9:30

Praying for all the needs you have shared with the RPR family!

Straight Talk with  Fr. Tim Biren, 9:30-10:00

John Tetzloff, 10:05-10:20

How do we make sure we’re handling end of life issues in a Catholic way? John Tetzloff of Catholic United Financial will share some practical steps we can take.

10-Minute Tour, 10:20-10:30
Roll down the window and join us on our 10-Minute Tour!

Fr. Jason Kern, 10:30-10:40

Do you know someone who could make a good priest or religious brother or sister? If so, is there anything you can do with these thoughts; or should you keep them to yourself? Fr. Jason Kern, Director of Vocations for the Diocese of Winona-Rochester, will share his thoughts on this as he talks about a new program in the diocese: Called by Name.
Kathy Engeman, 10:40-11:00
 It’s time to talk about heading back to school! We know how students and families prepare, but how do teachers gear up for the start of a new year? We’ll find out as we visit with Kathy Engeman, 7-12 religion teacher at Saint Mary Catholic Schools in Dell Rapids, SD.

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