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"With everything changing we need something in our lives that isn't changing; the truth of the Gospel and our faith can be that one place where we can ground ourselves.”
John Berger - RPR Listener

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Join hosts Brad Gray and Jeanine Bitzan for the following:
Dr. Anne Brodeur, 9:00-9:20 a.m. CT
Do you believe that gender is determined by one’s biological sex (male or female)? This should be easy to answer; however, society paints a subjective and destructive portrait, spreading confusion and turmoil even among Catholics. How do we resist “gender ideology?” The University of Mary’s Dr. Ann Brodeur will share her expertise on the matter.
Straight Talk with Fr. Charles LaCroix, 9:30-10:00

Bishop John LeVoir, 10:00-10:20
There are a lot of hurting people in the world around us, and many of them do not how to find healing. If you’re one of those struggling or hurting, or know someone who is, the Diocese of New Ulm’s Bishop John LeVoir will share one place you can run to find rest and peace from your troubles.
10-Minute Tour, 10:20-10:30
Tune in to hear about exciting events near you!
Fr. Kristopher Kowles, 10:30-10:40
Do you know what the Church actually teaches about homosexuality? We know what society says the Church teaches, but is any of that true? Fr. Kristopher Cowles of the Diocese of Sioux Falls will help answer these questions as we talk about approaching this topic with a heart like Christ.
Stephanie Trautman, 10:40-10:55
Have you ever wondered what it was really like for Mary as she carried Jesus in her womb through the joys and trials during those nine months? Stephanie Trautman had a glimpse. She’ll share the beautiful experience of how, as an expectant mother in a new town, she was drawn closer to our Heavenly Mother.
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Real Presence Live:

Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Join hosts Heather Karrow and Dr. Chris Burgwald for the following:
Fr. Paul Rutten, 9:05-9:20 a.m. CT
Many of us know someone who has gone through a divorce, but how many of us know someone who has gone through the annulment process? Even to Catholics, this could be a foreign idea. We’ll talk about taking away the fear of this process and knowing when to approach someone about it as we visit with Fr. Paul Rutten of the Diocese of Sioux Falls.
Straight Talk with Fr. Tim Smith, 9:30-10:00

Travis Lasseter, 10:05-10:20
The Knights of Columbus have stepped up in a big way to help modernize the Black Hills Pregnancy Center in Rapid City. Executive Director Travis Lasseter will be with us to talk about what the Knights’ effort means to the Center and how it will help serve the needs of the women it helps in a greater way.
10 - Minute Tour, 10:20-10:30
We're touring the listening area to bring you information on great local events!
Mike Kiedrowski, 10:30-10:45
What legacy will you leave when the Lord calls you home? That’s a question that some of us ponder at certain points in our lives. As Mike Kiedrowski, Real Presence Radio Listener Relationships Coordinator, will share, part of that legacy can be remembering charitable organizations like Real Presence Radio in your will and estate planning.
Fr. Michael Tupa, 10:45-10:55
Repentance is one valuable aspect of the Advent season. Amidst the current crisis, the Church, too, has been called to make reparations and be reconciled to the survivors of abuse. The Diocese of Superior’s Fr. Michael Tupa will share how his parish is living out the call to perpetually pray for those who have been hurt and for those who have caused the hurt.
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Real Presence Live:

Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018

Join host Fr. James Gross for the following:


Mike Kesler, 9:05-9:20 a.m. CT

From being a standout as a South Dakota State Jackrabbit to leading his team to a state championship in Minnesota, Lourdes High School Head Football Coach Mike Kesler will share his insights for winning on and off the field as he talks about bringing faith and formation to the gridiron.
Straight Talk with Fr. James Gross, 9:30-10:00


Fr. Marvin Klemmer, 10:05-10:20

When planning your trip to warmer climates, don’t go on vacation from God! We’ll talk with one priest who makes it possible to bring the Lord along on your trip. Affectionately called the “Cruise Ship Priest,” the Diocese of Bismarck’s Fr. Marvin Klemmer will share how he has served during the voyages of the faithful.
10-Minute Tour, 10:20-10:30
We'll take you around the listening area to hear about some local events happening at parishes near you!
Fr. Jayson Miller & Joseph Littlefield, 10:30-10:40
After a big win last year, Fr. Jayson Miller and the priests of the Diocese of Fargo are trying to start a streak. Will they be able to hold off the energy of Joseph Littlefield and the younger seminarian team? That’s what we’ll find out as we preview the 25th annual Collar Classic: The Priests vs. Seminarians Basketball Game.
Rachel Herbeck, 10:45-10:55
Have you heard about the lesbian couple in Texas who both carried the same child during different parts of pregnancy? If that seems very twisted, then you might be surprised to hear that this “commercial surrogacy” has also come to our neck of the woods. We’ll talk with Rachel Herbeck of the Minnesota Catholic Conference about how this and the idea of “designer babies” are impacting the world and why we should take a stand against both.
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