Monday, May 16th

Mark Hollcraft & Roxane Salonen LIVE from the Fargo Studio


Real Presence Radio Network - Live from Corpus Christi Church, Bismarck, ND  Thursday #RealPresenceLive 9:00-11:00 AM CT. Meet the new RPR Executive  Director, Mark Hollcraft and hear how to become ambassadors for

Mark Hollcraft



An update on the Spring Live Drive!

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Christopher Dodson
North Dakota Catholic Conference

What could happen if Roe is overturned?

Why would anyone leave the Church and what should I say to them if they do?

Deacon Mark Krejci
Diocese of Crookston


What is means to be a true disciple

Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady10:30-11:00
Dr. Chiara Wang


What is Marian consecration?

Tuesday, May 17th

Nick Modelski LIVE from St. James Coffee in Rochester, MN



Forgiveness - Living Room Conversations

Camille Pauley
Healing the Culture


Navigating brokenness, forgiveness, and healing

9:30-10:005 of the Best Places to Go Fishing in Northern Michigan - Freshwater  Vacation Rentals
Paul Quin


Fishing for seminarians!

Father Silva took the long way to the pulpit10:30-11:00
Fr. Raul Silva
Diocese of Winona-Rochester


Building the Catholic faith in a diverse community!

Wednesday, May 18th

Karen Selensky & Fr. John Paul Gardner LIVE from the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Bismarck, ND


9:00-9:20 Bishop Kagan | Diocese of Bismarck | Bismarck, ND
Bishop David Kagan
Diocese of Bismarck

Supporting our Catholic military

William BrienPrayer - Men Growing in Christ


His faith journey after loss

McKenzie McCoy
North Dakota Right to Life


A pregnancy health center on wheels!

Thursday, May 19th

Fr. Jason Lefor LIVE from the Grand Forks Studio



Nancy Gourde

A glimpse into the life of Dorothy Day

Kristie Unterseher


What is the restored order of the sacraments?

Terrie Mann


Build a Mary garden this year!

Luke Hellwig


Evangelization on college campuses

Friday, May 20th

Fr. Brian Christensen & Karen Gebes LIVE from the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Perpetual Help


Shawna Hanson
Diocese of Rapid City


Reviving Eucharistic devotion!

Mike & Paula Wilson

Exciting new changes are coming to the Cathedral!

Fr. Tim Hoag
Diocese of Rapid City


An effort to live out the Church’s mission of evangelization

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