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Monday, January 20th

Fr. Tim Biren & Matt Willkom LIVE from
St. Charles Church in St. Charles, MN


Kathy Schumann, 9:05-9:20

Every family deserves a home. That’s what’s at the heart of the mission of Family Promise of Rochester. One person who helps carry out this mission in the town of Eyota, MN is Kathy Schumann. In this segment, she’ll share why this ministry is close to her own heart.

Prayerfully Yours, 9:20-9:30

Join us in praying for all your intentions!

Straight Talk with Fr. Tim Biren, 9:30-10:00

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Heidi Indahl, 10:00-10:20

She wrote a book to help couples, grandparents, and others who have experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage and still birth. Why did Heidi Indahl decide to write this book, and how has the Lord worked through the words on these pages? That’s what we’ll find out in this segment.

10-Minute Tour, 10:20-10:30

Hop in the car and join us on our 10-Minute Tour!

Sharon Doran, 10:30-10:45


It’s an in-depth Catholic Bible Study that seeks to raise up disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, and you can now listen to it on Real Presence Radio! Tune in as we visit with Sharon Doran, creator of Seeking Truth, about what you’ll find when you listen each Saturday and Tuesday.

Fr. Greg Haman & Abby Haberman, 10:45-11:00

They’re on their way to the March for Life! We’ll visit with Fr. Greg Haman and Abby Haberman from the Diocese of Fargo about what they’re looking forward to most as they stand for the unborn on Friday.



Tuesday, January 21st

Dr. Chris Burgwald & Emily Leedom LIVE from
St. Lambert's Church in Sioux Falls, SD
Chris Motz, 9:05-9:20

A new year means a new legislative session in South Dakota! Chris Motz, Executive Director of the South Dakota Catholic Conference, will stop by to give us a sense of what we might see over the next couple months.


Dr. Burgwald & Emily Leedom, 9:20-9:30

Our hosts will talk about their thoughts in this month's "You, Me, and He" newsletter.


Straight Talk with Dr. Burgwald & Fr. Shaun Haggerty, 9:30-10:00

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Bishop Paul Swain, 10:00-10:20

As the Diocese of Sioux Falls prepares for the Ordination and Installation of their new bishop, Bishop Paul Swain will join us to share some of his favorite memories over the years and talk about what’s next for him in retirement.


10-Minute Tour, 10:20-10:30

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Deacon Jim & Barb Scherr, 10:30-10:45

Why is it so important for married couples to spend time together, just the two of them? That’s what we’ll ask Deacon Jim and Barb Scherr as we preview an upcoming retreat just for married couples at Terra Sancta Retreat Center in Rapid City.


Fr. Russell Kovash, 10:45-11:00

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Whether your marriage is thriving, feels weathered, or seems hopeless, Fr. Russell Kovash of the Diocese of Bismarck will join us to promote a retreat that will give you the tools you need to live a marriage according to God’s designs.


Wednesday, January 22nd

Brad Gray & Jeanine Bitzan LIVE from
Women's Care Center in Fargo, ND


Lindsey Larsen, 9:05-9:20

We know about the beauty of working for a place like Women’s Care Center, but what does it mean for those who are on the receiving end of the care and support? We’ll hear firsthand as we visit with Lindsey Larsen about how Women’s Care Center was there for her when she needed them most.



Honor Our Fathers, 9:22-9:27

Prayerfully Yours, 9:20-9:30

Join our priests as they pray for all the intentions that you have shared with us!

Straight Talk with Fr. Joseph Christensen, FMI, 9:30-10:00

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Sue McClernon, 10:00-10:20

It’s been nearly two years since Star of the North Maternity Home opened its doors in Duluth. How has this maternity home been making a huge difference in the community? That’s what we’ll find out as we visit with Sue McClernon and Rebecca Ballard.

10-Minute Tour, 10:20-10:30

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Fr. Charles LaCroix, 10:30-10:45

January 22 marks the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. What does this mean for us, and is there anything special we can do on this day? Fr. Charles LaCroix of the Diocese of Fargo will provide answers to these questions during this segment.



Fr. Paul Strommer, 10:45-11:00

It’s a unique yet special feast day for us as Catholics! What can we learn as we celebrate the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle? Fr. Paul Strommer of the Diocese of Duluth will share his thoughts during this segment.

Thursday, January 23rd

Fr. Craig Vasek LIVE from
University of Mary, Bismarck, ND
March for Life preview, 9:05-9:20

Tomorrow pro-lifers from across the nation will stand together as one voice for the unborn. We’ll visit about the University of Mary's passion for protecting life as they prepare for the March for Life in Washington, DC.

10-Minute Tour, 10:20-10:30

Hop in the car and join us on our 10-Minute Tour!
Bishop John Quinn, 10:30-10:42


Have you ever heard about the “ad limina” visits? What are they, and why do our bishops take part in them? That’s what we’ll find out as we visit with Bishop John Quinn of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester about his most recent visit.


Fr. Gregory Crane & Morgan Rodgers, 10:45-11:00

We are less than one week away from the annual Know Your Faith Competition, and the Bishop Ryan Lions from Minot, ND are hungry for a win! Fr. Gregory Crane and Morgan Rodgers will join us to talk about their strategy in hopes of roaring to a victory.

Friday, January 24th

Special March for Life Coverage
Karen Gebes & Todd Tobin
from St. Francis of Assisi Church in Sturgis, SD


Tune in as we bring you interviews with our local pro-lifers LIVE from the March for Life in Washington, DC!

9:05-9:15 a.m. CT: Jordan Miller and Alissa Stephens

9:17-9:27: Eric Gallagher

9:29-9:40: Chris Hurtubise

10:44-10:53: Nick Emmel and Andrea Frank


Straight Talk with Fr. Timothy Castor, 10:00-10:30

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Fr. Brian Christensen, 10:31-10:42


Conference banner: Trusted Sister. Blessed to be a blessing ... growing in faith and friendshipWho will bring home the win in this year’s Men in Black Basketball game between the priests of the Diocese of Rapid City and the students from St. Thomas More High School? A player from each of the teams will talk about their strategy during this segment.


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