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Tuesday, March 19th, 2019
Join host Tim Mosser for the following:
Mary Jo Zacher, 9:05-9:15 a.m. CT
We know Lent to be a time of prayer and reflection. Tune in as we share one special way the folks at Riverview Living Community in Fargo are reflecting on the Passion of the Lord each Friday, something that you can easily take up as well!
Fr. Andrew Vogel, 9:15-9:30
As we celebrate the Solemnity of St. Joseph, we’ll join Fr. Andrew Vogel of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester to take a deeper look at this saint’s role as husband of Mary and father of Jesus, plus what men can learn about their own roles in these areas.
Straight Talk with Fr. Gary Luiten, 9:30-10:00
Deacon Mark Krejci, 10:05-10:20
Have you heard about the Beatitudes? (Example: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.) Did you know that they can help you grow in your marriage? Deacon Mark Krejci of the Diocese of Crookston will share more about this unique reflection and how through the Beatitudes you can live a truly blessed marriage.
10-Minute Tour, 10:20-10:30
Join us on our 10-Minute tour around the listening area to hear about great events near you!
Regan Manning, 10:30-10:40
It’s time to start thinking about plans for your kids once they hit summer break! Regan Manning of Sioux Falls Catholic Schools will stop by to share some of the fun things that children can take part in, like building and growing a special garden.
Dan & Caroline Dierkes, 10:40-11:00


It’s time to get FIRED UP with the love of Jesus this Lent! Dan and Caroline Dierkes will share just how you can do this and talk about an opportunity to join them for a Parish Mission that is sure to fire up the faith of your whole family.
*Encore Saturday at 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., or listen to the podcast!
Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
Join host Fr. Craig Vasek & Executive Director Steve Splonskowski for the following:
Ed Konieczka, 9:05-9:20 a.m. CT
As we begin our LIVE coverage from the University of Mary’s Vocations Jamboree, we’ll hear from Ed Konieczka, Assistant Director of University Ministry, about how this event brings religious communities from around the country to campus to pray and witness to the joy and beauty of consecrated life.
Benedictine Sisters of Annunciation Monastery, 9:20-9:30
Hear about the joy and beauty of life as a Benedictine sister as we visit with a couple of sisters from Annunciation Monastery in Bismarck about their journey to religious life and why the Benedictine order was right for them.
Straight Talk with Fr. Craig Vasek, 9:30-10:00
Fr. Craig Vasek, 10:05-10:20
Fr. Vasek will take this time to share a couple reflections on life at the University of Mary and how the university works in a special way to encourage priestly and religious vocations.
10-Minute Tour, 10:20-10:30
We saved a seat for you, so hop in the car and join us on our 10-Minute Tour!
Kimberly Fries, 10:30-10:40
From discerning religious life to becoming a children’s book author, Kimberly Fries has had quite the journey! Hear more about her story and how her books assist young children in discerning their vocations. You’ll also have a chance to call in for a special giveaway!
Fr. Ron Garry, 10:45-11:00
Can you imagine seeing the heart of a saint? Not just figuratively, but actually seeing their physical heart? That’s the opportunity that awaits you if you live in South Dakota. The Diocese of Rapid City’s Fr. Ron Garry will share all the details about the traveling relic of the heart of Saint John Vianney and where you can see it.
*Encore Saturday at 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., or listen to the podcast!
Thursday, March 21st, 2019
Join hosts Fr. Jason Lefor & Fr. James Gross for the following:
George Weigel, 9:05-9:20 a.m. CT
He’s best known for his widely translated and internationally acclaimed two-volume biography of Pope St. John Paul II. Better yet, George Weigel will be coming to the local area for a special event! We’ll hear more details for that event as we visit with George about what it was like to have known a man who would become a great saint.
Dr. Susan Windley-Daoust, 9:20-9:30
Have you been away from the Church and the sacrament of Confession for a number of years? It’s time to come home. The Light is On for you. Dr. Susan Windley-Daoust of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester will be with us to talk more about how it’s never too late to know God’s mercy.
Straight Talk with Fr. James Gross & Fr. Jason Lefor, 9:30-10:00
Fr. Craig Timmerman, 10:05-10:20
As we continue through our Lenten journey, we may find that our penance is not as hard or fruitful as we thought it was going to be. What do we do about that? Fr. Craig Timmerman of the Diocese of New Ulm will be with us to provide some encouragement and offer his thoughts and advice for living a good, holy Lent.
10-Minute Tour, 10:20-10:30
Tune in to hear more about great local events!
Bishop John Quinn, 10:30-10:40
There’s a special event coming up in the Diocese of Winona-Rochester to help support Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Winona and the seminarian formation program. Bishop John Quinn will share more about it and why he invites you personally to attend as he talks about the value of solid formation when it comes to a seminarian’s journey to the priesthood.
Chris Hurtubise, 10:45-11:00
Is it important for our youth to understand the way our political system works and to begin sharing their voices on important issues involving our Catholic views? Chris Hurtubise thinks so, and he’ll be with us to talk about a great opportunity for youth in the Diocese of Superior to do just that at this year’s Catholics at the Capitol event in Wisconsin.
*Encore Saturday at 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., or listen to the podcast!

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