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Monday, March 1st

Fr. Tim Cone & Heather Karrow LIVE
from Holy Spirit Parish in Mitchell, SD



Chris Padgett
Catholic Family & Marriage Inc.


Become who you are!

Honor Our Fathers



Thank you to our sponsor: Slim's Bar and Grill

Solvatore Rigitano
Holy Family Coffins & Caskets



Their unique ministry to families who have lost a loved one

Tuesday, March 3rd

Fr. Richard Kunst & Cindy Jennings LIVE
from St. James Church in Duluth, MN





Dr. Susan Windley-Daoust
Diocese of Winona-Rochester


The adventure of sharing Christ


Straight Talk with Fr. Richard Kunst, 9:30-10:00


Fr. Mike Schmitz
Diocese of Duluth




It's the biggest Catholic podcast this year!

Wednesday, March 3rd

Brandon Clark & Heather Karrow LIVE from the Fargo Studio


See the source image20 Year Celebration



Celebrating 20 years of Real Presence Radio!

Brandon Clark



Three ways to grow in purity this Lent

Thursday, March 4th

Msgr. Patrick Schumacher LIVE from Corpus Christi Church in Bismarck, ND



Bishop David Kagan
Diocese of Bismarck



Remember to keep holy the Lord's Day...


Beverly Everett




Honoring God with music

Steve Ray



Defending the divinity of Jesus

Friday, February 26th

Father John Rutten and Heather Karrow

LIVE from John Paul II Parish, Harrisburg, SD

Father Grant Lacey
His new appointment as Chaplin for Mount Marty University

Father John Rutten


Third installment of Fr. John’s journey to the priesthood


Check out this amazing video!


No one can totally control what we will awake to the morning after the election. But we can control how we respond to the election results and what we do on Wednesday morning and every morning thereafter, says Franciscan University president Father Dave Pivonka, TOR, in this inspiring video.


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