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"There's two parts of your journey--there's the actual 'in-the-trenches' part, the embarrassing moments, the things you don't know, the humbling things that happen to you along the way...Just be comfortable with where you're at and that you're a better man today than you were yesterday."
-Tom O'Keefe, RPR Listener

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Tuesday, February 27th, 2018
Join host Tim Mosser for the following:

Deacon Larry Kopriva, 9:00-9:20 a.m. CT
Are you, like many of us, feeling the winter blues? The Diocese of Rapid City's Deacon Larry Kopriva will share a simple solution to get you through these last couple months.
 Fr. Raymond Courtright, 9:20-9:40
We have 40 days total during the season of Lent. Will you endure or give up on your Lenten penances? And how do you even measure your progress? The Diocese of Fargo's Fr. Raymond Courtright will take a look at these questions.
Sr. Agatha Lucey, Sr. Josephine Brennan & Sr. Mary Beauclair, 
Honoring the work of three outstanding women. We'll look at how Catholic Charities North Dakota is giving back to those who have given so much to our community.
Deacon Paul Treinen, 10:00-10:30
Tune in to hear how the life of Deacon Paul Treinen of the Diocese of New Ulm has become more than he could have imagined as he said "Yes" to being a deacon and all that came with it.
Fr. Zach Weber, 10:30-10:50
Why would a multi-sport athlete in high school and baseball player in college give it all up to become one of the Lord's priests? Fr. Zach Weber will answer that question.
Fr. Mark Mallak, 10:50-11:00
We'll get a preview of the Gospel reading for the Second Sunday of Lent, where Jesus takes Peter, James, and John to the top of the mountain to witness something truly extraordinary.
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Real Presence Live:

Thursday, March 1st, 2018
Join host Michael Wilde for the following:

Staci Kouba & Tim Burchill, 9:00-9:25 a.m. CT
It's the tough question we will have to face as our parents age: how do we continue to care for them? Staci Kouba and Tim Burchill of the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation Health System will help find the answer.
Deacon Kyle Eller, 9:25-9:45
It's now an offensive statement: "In our thoughts and prayers;" Hear how the Diocese of Duluth's Deacon Kyle Eller is responding to this "prayer shaming."
Fr. John Kleinwachter, 9:45-10:00
Meet the Diocese of Crookston priest who says he never has a boring day, even after 40 years of priesthood!
Sr. Mary Michael, Sr. Josephine & Sr. Amal Grace, 10:00-10:25

Tune in to hear how Catholic Charities North Dakota is honoring these three outstanding sisters from Spirit of Life Church in Mandan for their care of the hungry and homeless.

Fr. Jared Johnson, 10:30-10:45
We'll look at why Catholics worship the saints. Or do we? The Bismarck Diocese's Fr. Jared Johnson will provide the clear Catholic teaching.
Stephanie Hatley, 10:45-11:00
There are great pains that come with having an abortion. Stephanie Hatley will share why she ended her pregnancy and where she is at now with that decision.
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RPR Pilgrimage:

Join Real Presence Radio for a pilgrimage to the Holy Sites of Michigan, June 2-6! We will visit Mackinac Island, the Shrine of the Cross and Ave Maria Radio, focusing on three early missionary priests who traveled throughout the Upper Midwest to evangelize and catechize the early settlers.
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