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Monday, May 12th

Jack & Doreen Kennelly LIVE from the Fargo Studio in Fargo, ND



Mark Hollcraft
Real Presence Radio


An update on the Spring Live Drive!

Dennis Kooren



His experiences of faith around the world

Fr. Peter Anderl
Diocese of Fargo


A very special mother...

Fr. Jim Ermer
Diocese of Fargo


For the unity of all Christians


Tuesday, May 11th

Dr. Chris Burgwald & Heather Karrow LIVE 
from the Pastoral Center in Sioux Falls, SD


Sr. Mary Thomas


Her ministry as a Presentation Sister

Fr. Jim Zimmer
Diocese of Sioux Falls

Whom are you looking for?

Marie Mullen

Education with a higher purpose


Wednesday, May 12th


Deacon Paul Treinen & Heather Karrow LIVE  from the Abbey of the Hills, Marvin, SD


Fr. Todd Schneider


Looking for a way to escape the noise?

Dawn Wolf
Diocese of Sioux Falls


What role does technology have?

Pat Karels


Healing after loss


Thursday, May 13th

Fr. Kyle Metzger & Roxane Salonen LIVE from the Fargo Studio, Fargo, ND


Anna Crainmy name is anna crain, i am the director at northland family programs. My introduction to Northland Family Program began on a personal level in 2012 and I am grateful for the role it has played in both my marriage and family life. I am passionate about assisting and making available education of women’s health, fertility awareness and implementing ways for it to reach out even further into the community around us. It is with this passion that I accepted this challenge as your new director. My husband Michael, a Registered Nurse, and our four children relocated to Duluth last summer. When not busy at home raising our young family, you can most often find us on the Superior Hiking Trail or at your local coffee shop. I look forward to meeting each of you and thank you for your continued support of Northland Family Programs. Northland Family Programs bears a mission that I am thrilled to be a part of!
Northland Family Programs


Women Run for Women


Tiffany Goering, Karen Splonskowski & Deacon George Loegering


Celebrating Our Lady of Fatima!

Ted LeMier

What led him to the diaconate?

Friday, May 14th

Fr. Brian Christensen & Karen Gebes LIVE from the Cathedral of Perpetual Help in Rapid City, SD


Kevin Wells


A heroic life!


Amy Julian
Diocese of Rapid City

Helping women heal after abortion

Honor Our Fathers


Thank you to our sponsor West Dakota Oil!

Modestus Osuagwu & Dave Jetson

The Nigerian Mass

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