Morning Glory

“It’s the start of a new day for morning Catholic Radio!” This fast-paced, faith-based morning show with Brian Patrick is packed with, news, sports and interviews filled with the “get-up-and-go” Catholic spirit you need to start your day right! Morning Glory … Catholic from the start!

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Most Recent Episodes

Morning Glory - 02/01/2019 - Mother Angelica's Impact

Morning Glory kicks off a fun Friday delving into some deep issues including the recent abortion laws in NY and Virginia... Father Tom Ferguson gives us a call to action for Catholics to make our voices known!.. We also discuss our wonderful Foundress and the impact of Catholic radio--and we get some advice on arguing with our spouse--is there a 'good' way to do it?... All this and more on a fun Friday edition of Morning Glory!

Morning Glory - 01/31/2019 - Keep Kids In Mass

Morning Glory talks the drama of kids at Mass and ONE priest's call to not allow them?? We also delve into the atrocious law that
Virginia tried to pass codifying abortion--up to birth--and a shocking statement from the governor of the state.. And Father Looney breaks down A Rosary Litany--all on a rip-roaring Thursday Morning Glory ride

Morning Glory - 01/30/2019 - Bible classes

Morning Glory kicks off having fun with Father Bjorn Lundberg discussing President Trump applauding some states picking up Bible classes--offering it as an elective! We also delve into the gifts--and challenges--of mixed-faith marriages, and how to teach the pro-life message to middle-schoolers--all on a fun Tuesday edition of Morning Glory!

Morning Glory - 01/29/2019 - Tackling marriage prep- Fr. De Rosa

Morning Glory explores some difficult questions some couples face in marriage prep with Father Vincent De Rosa! We also talk about a tragedy in NY that very easily could've been avoided. Deacon Harold shares with us his (healthy?) obsession with books--and we take stroll thru Ordinary Time--as we prep for Lent--all on a fast-paced ride through your Wednesday morning!

Morning Glory - 01/28/2019 - Excommunication of politicians

Morning Glory kicks off a new week with Monsignor Charles Pope delving into the issue of excommunication when it comes to Catholic politicians applauding new abortion legislation.. We also touch on the realities and ethics of gene-editing from a Catholic perspective--and the detrimental impact of pornography with Deacon Harold--all on a fun Monday edition of Morning Glory!

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