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“It’s the start of a new day for morning Catholic Radio!” This fast-paced, faith-based morning show with Brian Patrick is packed with, news, sports and interviews filled with the “get-up-and-go” Catholic spirit you need to start your day right! Morning Glory … Catholic from the start!

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Morning Glory - 04/08/2019 - Be Smart. Be Merciful!

Morning Glory chats about Planned Parenthood being behind the CA rule to make churches pay for abortions, Catholic University of America students voting to block porn sites, the New Roman Missal, how to attend the Holy Mass and other public and communal exercises, and the role of the priesthood.

Morning Glory - 04/05/2019 - Love, Marriage, and a baby Carriage

It’s Morning Glory! Today, Gloria Purvis, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, and Monsignor Charles Pope will discuss, should Catholic Hospitals perform unnecessary surgeries? Also, we will talk on ejaculatory Prayers…. What? Love, marriage and a baby carriage? We will discuss obligations of marriage in later years and your emails all coming up on this episode of Morning Glory, please join us!

Morning Glory - 04/04/2019 - Avoiding Burnout

The Morning Glory team chats about how we should understand modesty and culture?, St. Francis De Sales’ Introduction to the Devout Life, and avoiding burnout, and how prayer, sleep, and time off can help.

Morning Glory - 04/03/2019 - Catholic Layover

Morning Glory discusses the death penalty and heartbeat bills which are issues of life. We should not relish the death penalty and recognize when it is exercised it is not a moment for glee. We discuss the various human difficulties with the death penalty such as the factors of race and poverty and the work of the Innocence Project. We also discuss some societies need for the death penalty because they cannot keep their citizens safe. We discuss heartbeats as evidence for life and if it isn’t a sign of life then there is no pregnancy and no need for an abortion! Morning Glory delves into the 4 proofs Jesus gave of His own divinity and some common erroneous arguments against His divinity. We also discuss the Catholic layover - Purgatory. What is it? Why does it exist? What happens if I go there? We also continue our Lenten Series discussion on Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis De Sales. We tackle spiritual workouts: the morning and evening exercises and the examination of conscience. By the morning exercise you open the window of your soul to the Sun of Justice and by the evening exercise you close them against the shadows of hell. Of course, we touch on today’s Gospel reading and listener emails.

Morning Glory - 04/02/2019 - When the well runs dry

Morning Glory discusses Quebec’s bill to forbid future government employees from expressing their faith through religious symbols during office hours. Does that mean no ashes on Ash Wednesday? We discuss the movie Unplanned and the reception it is receiving. We also examine the continued attacks by legislators on Chick Fil A. When people sought to redefine marriage the message was live and let live. We are seeing that wasn’t true. Morning Glory examines the case of a Franciscan Friar winning $1M and the power of detachment. We continue our Lenten Series discussion of Introduction to the Devout Life. What do we do when we experience dryness in prayer? Kiss the cross, ask for His help and if it continues then persevere knowing you are in His presence. The spiritual life requires maturity. We also look at polls showing the growth in prolife attitudes. Of course we touch on the Gospel and listener emails.

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