Morning Glory

“It’s the start of a new day for morning Catholic Radio!” This fast-paced, faith-based morning show with Brian Patrick is packed with, news, sports and interviews filled with the “get-up-and-go” Catholic spirit you need to start your day right! Morning Glory … Catholic from the start!

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Most Recent Episodes

Morning Glory - 11/23/2018 - Middle east

A look at the Catholic faith in the Middle East.

Morning Glory - 11/21/2018 - Dr. Alveda King & Steve Ray

On the day before Thanksgiving Morning Glory talks Gratitude with Father Bjorn Lundberg! We also talk music and food with Dr. Alveda King aka Gorgeous Grandma!.. Steve Ray also joins with a sneak peek of his new book: The Papacy--all on a fun Wednesday edition of Morning Glory!

Morning Glory - 11/19/2018 - USCCB in Baltimore, Md,

Morning Glory kicks off Thanksgiving week with Monsignor Charles Pope with his look at the Bishops' meeting last week in Baltimore--we also talk ways to talk gratitude with your children as we gather around the table for Thanksgiving this week--and we also think about helping those less fortunate with Jim Cavnar and the Box of Joy campaign--for families and parishes--all on a fun Monday edition of Morning Glory!

Morning Glory - 11/16/2018 - Thanksgiving feast secrets.

Morning Glory kicks off the weekend with Father Tom Ferguson joining us talking about a big pro-life victory in Virginia! We also talk with Dr. Matthew Bunson with his take on the bishops' meeting in Baltimore--Kevin Burke of Rachel's Vineyard talks about the trauma of abortion for men--and we also share Thanksgiving feast secrets with Catholic Foodie Jeff Young--all on a fun Friday edition of Morning Glory!

Morning Glory - 11/15/2018 - Family Honor!

Morning Glory talks with Father Bjorn Lundberg about the importance of 'baby steps' sometimes in our spiritual life! We also talk with JD Flynn as the Bishops' Fall meeting that wrapped yesterday in Baltimore.. We also learn all about Family Honor with Brenda Cerkez--all on a Thursday edition of Morning Glory!

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