2 Corinthians 9:8

"God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that you may always have enough for everything and may provide in abundance for every good work."


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Jesus, I trust in you!

As a thank-you gift, donors who give $1,000 or more during the Spring Live Drive will receive this handcrafted Olive Wood Crucifix.

The crucifixes are also third-class relics, as they have been touched to a reliquary containing fragments of the True Cross, the veil of our Blessed Mother, the Cloak of St. Joseph, and more.*

The lenses on each arm include olive leaves, frankincense, flowers and stones from Jerusalem. They were handcrafted by artisans in Bethlehem for Olive Wood Religions.

*Plus relics of Sts. Peter, John Vianney, Philomena, Faustina, John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Anthony of Padua, and Therese of Lixieux.





1,000 participants


 7:00am  Msgr. Gregory Schlesselmann, Fargo, ND
CT         Wednesday, May 8: Day One
 8:00am Brad Starry & Dcn. Stu Longtin, Fargo, ND
 9:00am Sue Anderson & Jaci Brennan, Austin, MN
10:00am Fr. James Steffes & Bishop John Quinn, Austin, MN
11:00am Chad & Suzi Ekberg, Gillette, WY
12:00pm Tracy & Linda Norris, Gillette, WY
1:00pm Nancy Murphy & Jack Kuhbacher, Gillette, WY
2:00pm Dcn. Rick & Diana Moravitz, Duluth, MN
3:00pm Andrew & Hanah Bonilla, Duluth, MN
4:00pm Aaron & Kristal Schmit, Williston, ND
5:00pm Dwight Richter, Williston, ND
6:00pm Tom & Corrie Enander, Williston, ND



7:00am Fr. Randall Kasel, Rochester, MN
CT                Thursday, May 9: Day Two
8:00am John & Debbie O'Meara, Rochester, MN
9:00am Bishop John Folda, Diocese of Fargo & Dave and Lynette Cudnik, Grand Forks, ND
10:00am Bishop Michael Hoeppner, Diocese of Crookston
11:00am Bishop Robert Gruss, Diocese of Rapid City
12:00pm Roch & Rita Bestgen, Rapid City, SD

Cris & Ana Hlucny, Rapid City, SD

2:00pm Larry Geffre, Fargo, ND
3:00pm Greg & Jennifer Anderson​​​​​​​, Fargo, ND
4:00pm Thomas & Katie Eskro, Aberdeen, SD
5:00pm Lee & Peggy Goetz​​​​​​​, Aberdeen, SD
6:00pm BJ & Brandei Schaefbauer, ​​​​​​​Aberdeen, SD




Todd & Luke Schweitzer, Dickinson, ND

CT                     Friday, May 10: Day Three
8:00am Bishop David Kagan, Diocese of Bismarck & Bill Jerome, Dickinson, ND
9:00am Mike Krois, Duluth, MN
10:00am Bishop Paul Sirba, Diocese of Duluth, & Bishop James Powers, Diocese of Superior
11:00am Bishop Paul Swain, Diocese of Sioux Falls
12:00pm Fr. Tyler Mattson & Fr. Joseph Scholten, Sioux Falls, SD
1:00pm Deacon Tim and Julie Dickes & Fr. Jeff Norfolk, Sioux Falls, SD
2:00pm Angela Linster & Marcia Williamson, Rapid City, SD
3:00pm Darren & Karen Gebes, Rapid City, SD
4:00pm Fr. Kurt Farrell, Albert Lea, MN
5:00pm Den & Megan Bolda, Fargo, ND
6:00pm Doreen Kennelly, Colleen Kranda, & Jean Eppler, Fargo, ND


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