Lamb Radio Statement

Statement to the listeners, donors and sponsors of Lamb Catholic Radio

From Miles Beacom, Board Chair of Agnus Dei Communications

May 1, 2018

Arrival of Real Presence Radio and Purchase of a New Signal

Thank you to all for the support you have provided to Catholic radio in the Diocese of Sioux Falls over the years. For many of you it has been provided even in the absence of a reliable signal in your area. Our goal has been to not only sustain but advance the important ministry of Catholic radio across the diocese and I am pleased to share with you the steps which will both increase the strength of signals broadcasting Catholic radio today and lay the groundwork for its future in the our diocese. Here are those steps:

- Starting May 1 we begin a partnership with Real Presence Radio (RPR).  They are based out of North Dakota and serve dioceses all around us.  Like Lamb, they use EWTN along with local programming. 

- Most Lamb and diocesan produced programming will continue, though in some cases on different days and times to accommodate the network schedule.  Things like Rutten Radio, The Shepherd's Voice and O'Gorman sports and activities will continue.


- RPR is in the process of purchasing the 94.5 FM signal in Sioux Falls which will provide a clear signal throughout the Sioux Falls area beginning sometime this summer when FCC approval is obtained.

- Like Lamb, RPR will need help.  We want to assure you they are a good and reliable partner and we very much look forward to the future.


The RPR network casts a wide net that includes the Diocese of Rapid City as well as across other sister dioceses in North Dakota and Minnesota. More information about RPR can be found online at

Thank you for your cooperation and support of this important ministry used for evangelization. We have learned how Catholic radio can be an invaluable tool for introducing listeners to the gifts of the Catholic faith. These steps that are being taken are significant in our collective efforts to strengthen the connection listeners might hold to Catholic radio in increasing geographic areas of the diocese.

It has been a blessing to have all of your support over the years but we must continue with that support going forward. Only then can we be assured that the presence of Catholic radio will be felt in our diocese for years to come.

God Bless,

Miles Beacom

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