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Clear, concise Catholic teaching is what you will get with "The Coach." Our playbooks: the Catechism and the Bible.

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In Bible Study, with Lent less than two weeks away, we looked at Chapter 6 of Matthew as we continued through the Sermon on the Mount. Host Tim Mosser explained more about prayer, fasting, giving alms, treasure in heaven, and dependence on God.

In the first hour, Trent Klatt, former NHL player and the current head coach for the Grand Rapids boys' hockey team, was on with us to talk about how he brings his faith into coaching. He also shared his experience as the speaker at last year's Men of Faith Conference in the Diocese of Duluth and his excitement for this year's conference.

In Bible Study, we looked at the Beatitudes in Chapter 5 of Matthew's Gospel. With the Beatitudes, we see how Jesus takes us from a life of law to a life of charity and turns our hearts to a new covenant of love and grace.

Fr. Patrick McConnell is the Assistant Vocation Director for the Diocese of Superior. During this "Meet a Priest" segment, he talked about how he heard the Lord's call to the priesthood and how that impacts his work with helping young men determine if they are also called to the priesthood.

In Bible Study, Tim turned our focus to the Culture of Life and what it means. He examined how the last half of the 20th Century and the first part of the 21st Century have provided great tools and momentum as we move forward proclaiming the truth of love and life and the joy and freedom that comes from living the way God designed us.

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