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Clear, concise Catholic teaching is what you will get with "The Coach." Our playbooks: the Catechism and the Bible.

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Catholic Coach Hr. 1 June 19 Meet a Priest: Fr. Samuel Schneider

Host Fr. James Gross began by talking with newly ordained Fr. Samuel Schneider of the Diocese of Superior. Fr. Samuel talked about his journey to the priesthood, walked us through the Ordination Mass and his first Mass, and previewed his first assignment as a priest.

Catholic Coach Hr. 2 June 12 Drought Conditions, Trinity Sunday, St. Anthony of Padua, and Overcoming Addictions

In the second hour, host Fr. James Gross began by praying for farmers and ranchers who are suffering from drought conditions. During the next segment, he talked about the Holy Trinity after having just celebrated Trinity Sunday. He ended the hour by talking about St. Anthony of Padua, whose feast day is on June 13, and an article on how we can work through addictions in our culture with virtue.

Catholic Coach Hr. 1 June 12 Meet a Priest: Fr. Jeremy Bock and Fr. Steven Langenbrunner

Host Fr. James Gross spoke with two of the newly ordained priests in the Diocese of Duluth, Fr. Jeremy Bock and Fr. Steven Langenbrunner. For the first half hour, Fr. Bock shared his vocational journey and talked about the joy of his recent ordination. During the second part of the hour, Fr. Steven shared how he heard the Lord's call to the priesthood later in life and talked about the celebration of his first Mass.

Catholic Coach Hr. 2 June 5 Bible Study: Pentecost

In Bible Study, host Brad Gray sat down with the Diocese of Fargo's Fr. Ross Laframboise to talk about the readings from Pentecost Sunday, including what happened when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples and what the gift of the Holy Spirit means to us as Catholics today.

Catholic Coach Hr. 1 June 5 Meet a Priest: Fr. Jayson Miller

In the first hour, host Brad Gray spoke with the Diocese of Fargo's newly ordained Fr. Jayson Miller about his vocational journey, the Ordination Mass, and his excitement to serve the Lord as a priest.

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