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Catholic Answers Live, hosted by Cy Kellett, is a daily, two-hour radio program dedicated to Catholic apologetics and evangelization. According to listener surveys, it is a runaway favorite on Catholic stations across America. 

As a call-in program, Catholic Answers Live connects listeners to prominent leaders in the Church today—including scholars, nuns, priests, bishops, and cardinals—and touches on every aspect of our lives as Christians. You'll hear discussions on just about everything relating to the Church: doctrinal controversies, family concerns,  social issues, evangelization, ethics…you name it! 

Catholic Answers Live airs every Monday through Friday from 6-8 PM Eastern (3-4 PM Pacific) on over 360 AM and FM stations in the United States, Sirius Satellite Radio channel 130, and through the Internet at If you can't listen live, you can subscribe to our podcast or download individual shows from our MP3 archive. 

Call in with your question at 1-888-31-TRUTH!


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Questions Covered:

10:04 – How would the church feel about a woman that was raped and must share custody with the rapist? Does that make it justified to kill the baby?
17:22 – I’m pro-life but can you explain why IVF is not pro-life? My wife was conceived that way and now that she’s becoming a doctor, I feel that will influence how she deals with IVF and contraception.
24:09 – I think it’s awful but I think women are going to have abortions whether we want them to or not and I want it done in a doctor’s office.
35:20 – I was pro-choice for a long time throughout my 20s and 30s. I then studied Buddhism and they talk in detail about how the soul enters at the time of the union of the sperm and egg. I am now going back to the beginning when I was baptized Catholic and comparing things to find my way
41:22 – I’m pro-life, for babies who survive late term abortions, aren’t they automatically American citizens?
46:52 – When I was younger, I went through two abortions and came to really regret them.
48:30 – I believe that there are times when pregnancies are dangerous for women.

Questions Covered:

12:41 – How do I get this program started in my parish? 
18:39 – How do I get someone into rehab before they hit rock bottom, which would be death? 
24:01 – If this program is anonymous, then why give out your name? 
34:25 – If this is supplemental to the 12 steps, how come it follows the same format? 
43:35 – What was your breakthrough moment? 
51:45 – How do we find people to draw them to these groups? 

Questions Covered:

16:36 – What tips do you have to evangelize those who don’t have the fullness of truth? 
21:27 – Thank you for bringing this up. It’s difficult to stay positive. 
31:10 – Why is the rosary such a good prayer? 
36:22 – It’s good to hear you and your message! 
43:00 – How do you give what’s to Caesar and God what’s to God in our world? 
47:53 – Am I at fault for others not having salvation if I’ve presented the faith to someone but they reject it? 
53:05 – I’m in the process of converting. What can I do to give my kids proper formation? 

Open Forum – Questions Covered:

04:49 – Are there any regulations on a priest cleaning off particles of a consecrated host from his fingers over an unconsecrated chalice? 
09:15 – I’m considering doing a pilgrimage. Do you have any resources or advice?    
15:10 – Have the Church fathers or theologians said anything about why the apostles didn’t recognize Jesus after the resurrection? 
21:48 – Is it ok for me to attend a non-Catholic Christian bible study? 
29:30 – I see a double standard in Catholics accepting saint miracles but rejecting other non-Catholic religious miracles. Can you help me sort it out? 
35:22 – What is the best case for why the Catholic Church should have authority to insist on all of its doctrine? 
46:50 – What is heresy? What is a heretic? Can you be a heretic without knowing it? 
51:22 – What are two good reasons why my evangelical friend should be Catholic and not just Christian? 

Open Forum – Questions Covered:

05:32 – I just heard of the passing of Cardinal Pell. Could you unpack a little about him? 
11:56 – Is the beatific vision enhanced when those in heaven get their glorified bodies? 
14:41 – Was St. Joseph the secret king of Israel? 
21:54 – What is the validity of the sacraments of priests from the Old Catholic Church? 
28:40 – What does the Church say about attending a wedding of a different faith? Such as a polytheistic religion? Can a Catholic Still attend? 
31:48 – My in-laws were hurt by my parish because they don’t allow girl altar servers. Now they’re considering not being Catholic. Can you help explain? 
40:08 – Why is it necessary for the body to be resurrected? 
45:37 – My protestant friend claimed that God didn’t approve of Matthias as a replacement and eventually chose Paul. How do I respond to that argument? 
51:17 – What’s the Catholic position on if people have to convert to have salvation? 


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