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Catholic Answers Live, hosted by Cy Kellett, is a daily, two-hour radio program dedicated to Catholic apologetics and evangelization. According to listener surveys, it is a runaway favorite on Catholic stations across America. 

As a call-in program, Catholic Answers Live connects listeners to prominent leaders in the Church today—including scholars, nuns, priests, bishops, and cardinals—and touches on every aspect of our lives as Christians. You'll hear discussions on just about everything relating to the Church: doctrinal controversies, family concerns,  social issues, evangelization, ethics…you name it! 

Catholic Answers Live airs every Monday through Friday from 6-8 PM Eastern (3-4 PM Pacific) on over 360 AM and FM stations in the United States, Sirius Satellite Radio channel 130, and through the Internet at If you can't listen live, you can subscribe to our podcast or download individual shows from our MP3 archive. 

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Questions Covered:

04:55 – When I was young and attended the mass in Latin, I didn’t understand what was happening at the altar. It seemed nobody had any connection with each other or with God. Why can’t the mass today be a cooperation between Latin and English?
17:19 – In Boston, priests that moved from the Anglican church to the Catholic church can’t advertise that they are using the Anglican rite. Why is that and if there are people that like it, why can’t it be used more?
28:42 – I’ve been sick for 11 years and on bedrest. I’ve had so much joy and it’s been a happy time but recently my brain isn’t working as well so it’s hard to pray. Can I please have some pastoral advice for how to continue to be close to God?
39:28 – It seems that there are more options for ministry in Protestantism than in Catholicism. It seems that if you’re not a priest, there’s not as much you can do in terms of higher study. Is that correct or is this a misconception and there’s more than just being a lay person?
46:03 – What are your thoughts as to why people that are passionate about the Latin mass don’t put that same effort into the Novus Ordo mass? Is it really the guitars and English that are keeping them from the newer mass?
50:05 – I used to be Protestant pastor and I’m now Catholic. I’m fully tattooed from the neck down and married. Is there any way I can become a deacon while being fully tattooed?

Questions Covered:

09:26 – Can your guardian angel physically touch other people and can we hear our guardian angels?
14:32 – I have a friend that’s confused about the idea that although God permits evil, that does not mean he creates evil. Can you help me with an explanation as to why they’re not the same?
19:53 – I was watching a video that said priests once played a small role in ecumenical councils. To me, it doesn’t seem fitting of the papal authority to play any role. What’s the most convincing reason for me to believe in the papacy?
28:45 – Why can only a bishop or ordained priest perform an exorcism?
36:53 – The new and improved CA App…Has the church ever declared that Lutheran holy orders are valid or invalid?
42:15 – I’m going through an annulment. I can’t go to communion, yet hundreds of people go weekly that haven’t gone to confession in a long time as well as Protestants at a wedding I went to. Why are they able to go even if they have mortal sin on their souls?
52:05 – All of the ordinariate liturgical books have been long out of print. Do you have any sense as to when the ordinariate is going to reprint these books at a reasonable price?

Questions covered:

02:59 – Before I pray the rosary, do I need to announce my prayer intentions out loud? 
14:44 – How do you reconcile the doctrine of hell with Christianity being a religion of “good news”? Does that mean it’s only good news for some people? 
22:04 – When I visited a Catholic church recently, I saw a statue of Mary that was higher than all the rest (including the ones of Jesus) with a label that said “Blessed Mary, Mother of God, above all things in heaven and on earth.” How is this not worshiping her? 
33:14 – Was St. Athanasius ever excommunicated or anathematized? I was talking to a non-Catholic who claimed that disproved papal infallibility. 
42:09 – How can someone evangelize to other Christians? 
48:26 – In my Bible study the others were saying that when we get to heaven we’ll immediately have all knowledge. I thought we still grew in knowledge, not that it was immediate. Am I wrong? 

Questions covered:

04:53 – Is there any connection between the pagan goddess Bridgid and St. Bridgid of Ireland? If so, isn’t that a problem for the Church? 
16:51 – I’m having trouble with Deuteronomy 25:11-12 commanding Israelites to cut off peoples’ hands. 
22:02 – Why are the Mass readings rarely ever from the apocrypha? 
24:39 – What does it mean when Jesus is called “Son of Man”? I thought he was the son of God? 
32:17 – Do pets go to heaven? 
37:17 – I used to be in the SSPV (splinter group from SSPX), who claimed that Pope John XXIII was a mason. How would you respond to this? 
47:19 – What’s the difference between the Sanhedrin, the Sadducees, and the Pharisees in terms of what they do? 
51:11 – I’m a new convert. How do I make a good confession and what are the requirements? 

Questions Covered:

14:55 -What do you think about the science of artificial womb technology? Do you think it might have any relation to the end of abortion? 
19:43 – Ethically, how much as Catholics can we trust that scientists are doing the right thing? Is using stem cells for cancer treatment ethical? I’m asking as a parent that has a child dying from cancer. 
29:24 – I work as a clinical research coordinator with humans. Is it ok for me as a faithful Catholic to present contraceptive options for women going into a trial? 
37:30 – Is insulin a necessity at the end of life? 
45:20 – My mother has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She’s also on dialysis for kidney failure. How long, morally, should she continue dialysis as her dementia progresses? 
50:17 – I’m 75 y.o. my adult children have all left the faith and don’t care about me anymore. What do I do if I’m hospitalized and have no advocate? 

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