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Catholic Answers Live, hosted by Cy Kellett, is a daily, two-hour radio program dedicated to Catholic apologetics and evangelization. According to listener surveys, it is a runaway favorite on Catholic stations across America. 

As a call-in program, Catholic Answers Live connects listeners to prominent leaders in the Church today—including scholars, nuns, priests, bishops, and cardinals—and touches on every aspect of our lives as Christians. You'll hear discussions on just about everything relating to the Church: doctrinal controversies, family concerns,  social issues, evangelization, ethics…you name it! 

Catholic Answers Live airs every Monday through Friday from 6-8 PM Eastern (3-4 PM Pacific) on over 360 AM and FM stations in the United States, Sirius Satellite Radio channel 130, and through the Internet at If you can't listen live, you can subscribe to our podcast or download individual shows from our MP3 archive. 

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Questions Covered:

04:00 – In cases of intersex people who have ambiguous chromosomes, how do you determine their sex? How does the Church view their sexuality? 
15:23 – What are the signs of the mark of the beast? Is there evidence that the covid vaccine is the mark of the beast? 
19:31 – What is the difference between atheist and agnostic? 
21:28 – How do I respond to a skeptic who says that the Church is sexist? 
30:50 – What is the reliability of the New Testament? Wasn’t it written anonymously? 
41:12 – There seems to be a lot of controversy around St. John Paul II. On the Vatican website, it says that he prayed for the protection of Islam. Is that true and can you clarify what it meant? 
46:35 – What is the historicity of Exodus? 
51:13 – If abortion becomes illegal, how should perpetrators be disciplined?

Resources Mentioned:

When Harry Became Sally by Ryan Anderson
Israel in Egypt: The Evidence for the Authenticity of the Exodus Tradition

Questions Covered:

05:49 – Why be Catholic and not just Christian?  
12:12 – I am the last atheist who called yesterday. Can we discuss teleology more today? 
31:15 – Why was it storming when Jesus died on the Cross? 
34:12 – Why did the belief about the Assumption of Mary develop so late? 
41:45 – My husband is Catholic, but he has left the Church and has been going to a megachurch. He says the Catholic Church is boring and not with the times. How can I talk to him about this?
46:40 – Were early Christians still practicing Jews? 
49:24 – Was Mary as important to the early Church as she is to us? 

Resources Mentioned:

A Biblical Walk Through the Mass by Edward Sri

Questions Covered:

06:28 – I am an atheist because that is the default we are born to and I have yet to be convinced out of that position. 
18:08 – There is a popular apologetics method called presuppositional apologetics. Is this a good route to take with atheists as a Catholic? 
31:12 – I am atheist. I am open to the concept of God and have been very convinced about the historical resurrection, but have questions about the atonement.  
42:14 – How do you address animal suffering and evolutionary evil with atheists? 
50:03 – I am an atheist. I have problems with teleology. 

Bishop Donald Hying speaks about how we can renew the Catholic Church.
Questions Covered:

16:57 – How do I explain to my teenage daughter how President Biden can receive the sacraments when he is pro-abortion?  
22:35 – How do encourage fathers to direct their children to be in the world but not of the world? 
31:42 – Why can’t the Church have the strength of conviction like the secular institutions do? Why don’t we preach God to the world anymore? 
44:10 – What are your thoughts on how critical race theory is being put into the schools now? 
49:36 – Given that the early priests of the Church were married, what is the likelihood of the married priesthood coming back? 

Chastity is for every person, in every stage of life, in every vocation. How can this be? Jason Evert explains.
Questions Covered:

16:44 – I spoke with someone today who’s kid is struggling with the Church’s teaching on homosexuality since the Church also says to love everyone. How can she explain the chaste love that the Church is teaching? 
21:43 – I came into my faith in the last three years. My husband is not Catholic. I feel like my relationship with my husband does not have chastity. How can I begin to make this a part of our marriage when he is not Catholic? 
29:23 – I am a convert. We are having a hard time explaining to family about NFP and our desire to be open to children. They don’t want us to have kids right away. How can we open up this conversation? 
32:50 – In a marriage, if one partner is not interested in sexual activity and the other is, how can there be chastity in the relationship when someone is struggling so much? 
36:44 – I have been talking with a gal for about 6 months and we are talking about taking the next step and getting into a serious relationship. How can I tell if I am being lustful or am I just wanting a different relationship? 
43:50 – I heard you mention fast for her husband. I don’t know much about that. How could I go about fasting for someone who needs prayers? 
47:50 – I’m 82 years old and a widower. I miss her a lot. I have a friend who I am attracted to that I would like to cuddle with. If it is not sexual, is that chaste? 


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