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Catholic Answers Live, hosted by Cy Kellett, is a daily, two-hour radio program dedicated to Catholic apologetics and evangelization. According to listener surveys, it is a runaway favorite on Catholic stations across America. 

As a call-in program, Catholic Answers Live connects listeners to prominent leaders in the Church today—including scholars, nuns, priests, bishops, and cardinals—and touches on every aspect of our lives as Christians. You'll hear discussions on just about everything relating to the Church: doctrinal controversies, family concerns,  social issues, evangelization, ethics…you name it! 

Catholic Answers Live airs every Monday through Friday from 6-8 PM Eastern (3-4 PM Pacific) on over 360 AM and FM stations in the United States, Sirius Satellite Radio channel 130, and through the Internet at If you can't listen live, you can subscribe to our podcast or download individual shows from our MP3 archive. 

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Most Recent Episodes

#9357 Another Australian Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

#9356 Another Australian Open Forum - Stacy Trasancos

#9355 Weird Questions - Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin, senior apologist at Catholic Answers, selects from weird and wacky questions submitted via the internet and tackles them head on in this episode of “Weird Questions.” If you have a mysterious, fantastic, or otherworldly query, please email it to  
Questions Covered:

01:20 – There are certain acts which have an indulgence attached to them.  Let’s say that a woman named Mary is in the habit of a particular prayer at a particular place and time.  One day Mary explains her habit to Martha.  Martha exclaims “Did you know there’s an indulgence attached to that”.  “No, I didn’t”, Mary replies. My weird question is: Does Mary receive those indulgences retroactively with this knowledge and desire?  Or has she been unconsciously receiving them all along?  Or is it the case that only going forward, she will receive the indulgence?
06:30 – My understanding is that during the canonization process the body of the potential saint is exhumed and if their body has not suffered corruption that plays a role in their path towards sainthood. The question has to do with cremation. With the rise in acceptance and practice of cremation for Catholics, how would someone being a future incorruptible interact with the act of cremation? Would the body burn at all? If it would, are we destroying future incorruptibles by practicing cremation?
11:15 – I was wondering if Jimmy could speculate on a presupposed notion on the salvation of Erwin Rommel. Rommel was a Catholic German General during WWII and supposedly involved in the plot to kill Hitler. Because of the nature of the cause he fought for, would his Catholic faith have (assuming he stayed true to its tenants) be sufficient for his salvation?
17:35 – If someone went into a church and removed the consecrated Eucharist from the church.  Would it be a matter of kidnapping or theft?
21:20 – Saint Apollonia leaped into a fire. They would have tossed her in anyway, because she wouldn’t renounce her faith. Where do you draw the line between martyrdom and suicide?
34:30 –  I have heard a theory that alien abductions could be demons pretending to be aliens. This is supported by the fact that in a lot of these cases anti-religious messages are given by the aliens. Could this be possible? I have also been intrigued by the theory that gods worshiped in antiquity (specifically Mayan and Sumerian) may have been demons also. Would this fit the Catholic belief system? How would God allow this if true?
43:25 – Are you familiar with Isaac Asimov’s short story “The Last Question”? How do you understand the final sentence with in the whole of the story? And what was the message Isaac was trying to convey?
50:10 – I’ve been trying to read about the theological implications of finding out that aliens exist. How might we determine if any aliens we had met were fallen, once we knew they had souls?

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#9354 St. Nicholas and Arianism - Tim Staples

Tim explains the true life of St. Nicholas on his feast day, including his work combating heresies.
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#9353 Open Forum - Mark Brumley

Callers choose the topics during Open Forum, peppering our guests with questions on every aspect of Catholic life and faith, the moral life, and even philosophical topics that touch on general religious belief. 
Questions Covered:

05:40 – What is purgatory? Wasn’t Christ’s sacrifice good enough to save people the first time?  
22:43 – A lady in my craft guild at Church made a dreamcatcher and someone else objected to it. Is this a pagan object? Is it dangerous? 
31:54 – Why does Jesus tell his disciples that they shouldn’t tell anyone he is the Christ in Matthew 16:13-20? 
39:45 – How can I better understand why some people don’t accept Vatican II?  
49:36 – How can I respond to Protestants who say that Catholics don’t speak in tongues?  
52:14 – When did the Church stop writing Roman Catholic on their missals and other materials?

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