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Catholic Answers Live, hosted by Cy Kellett, is a daily, two-hour radio program dedicated to Catholic apologetics and evangelization. According to listener surveys, it is a runaway favorite on Catholic stations across America. 

As a call-in program, Catholic Answers Live connects listeners to prominent leaders in the Church today—including scholars, nuns, priests, bishops, and cardinals—and touches on every aspect of our lives as Christians. You'll hear discussions on just about everything relating to the Church: doctrinal controversies, family concerns,  social issues, evangelization, ethics…you name it! 

Catholic Answers Live airs every Monday through Friday from 6-8 PM Eastern (3-4 PM Pacific) on over 360 AM and FM stations in the United States, Sirius Satellite Radio channel 130, and through the Internet at If you can't listen live, you can subscribe to our podcast or download individual shows from our MP3 archive. 

Call in with your question at 1-888-31-TRUTH!


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Most Recent Episodes

Questions Covered:

31:19 – How would Jesus deal with someone who suffers from intrusive thoughts? 
34:00 – How do I respond to a family member who identifies as a part of the LGBT community? 
42:36 – How do my wife and I approach my abusive mother-in-law without disrespecting her authority? 
47:40 – My wife recently passed. Is it self-centered of me to not wish to remarry? 

Questions Covered:

03:20 – Can you explain the narrow and wide roads in the Bible? 
13:49 – How can we reconcile the historicity of Luke and Matthew when their Nativity narratives differ? 
19:15 – Why did Moses’ mom put him in a basket? 
23:18 – Did the ancient Hebrews believe in other gods in the Bible? 
32:50 – In 1 Corinthians 7:29-31, it seems like Paul thinks the end is near. How does this relate to Biblical inerrancy and inspiration? 
38:45 – Can you give us examples in the New Testament that quote the Septuagint version of the Old Testament? 
42:05 – Why does the Church recognize the existence of the Archangel Raphael despite thin Biblical evidence? 
46:50 – When did the Israelites stop sacrificing animals? 
51:51 – What is the Judeo-Christian understanding of burial according to the Bible? 

Questions Covered:

23:05 – As a Catholic, how should we understand Laudato si’? 
31:28 – What is the Church’s suggestion for improving recycling and reusing initiatives? 
37:11 – How do we prevent environmentalists from blaming production corporations? 
45:31 – Is there a resource regarding environmentalism that Dr. Fahey can refer me to? 
52:01 – Why has the environmental movement advocated for population control rather than conservation efforts? 

Questions Covered:

02:35 – Can you explain why the Eastern church is not a singular church? 
07:30 – Why does the Church believe the Antichrist will come at the end of time? 
14:15 – Why are there so many rules in Catholicism? 
21:35 – How does an Apostolic Pardon differentiate from Last Rites or Plenary Indulgence? 
24:08 – Can scripture prove that there are souls in Hell? 
32:35 – Has there ever been a biblical scholar who has considered that Jesus’ saying, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”, also implied Judas Iscariot? 
36:55 – Why did Paul insist that Timothy get circumcised in Acts 16? 
41:50 – Can we use non-Catholic depictions of Jesus? 
46:00 -Does the Catholic Church hold to a reformed theology? 
49:43 – Can a Catholic go to a civil wedding wherein the groom and bride have been cohabiting? 
51:40 – Will there be plants and animals to eat in the New Heaven and Earth? 

Questions Covered:

06:10 – Could quantum entanglement be used to argue for free will? 
11:55 – Where is Veronica mentioned in the Bible? 
17:15 – Why should my friend not convert to Eastern Orthodoxy? 
23:25 – Can I get counsel and reconciliation from the same priest? 
36:25 – What do I make of the story of Uzzah? 
45:25 – If babies die as infants at the end of time, what kind of body will they have in Heaven? 
48:20 – Why does the pope take on a new name and how long has this tradition been around? 
51:13 – Is a devout Catholic marketer allowed to run ads that depict same-sex marriage? 


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