Called to Communion

What’s stopping you from becoming a Catholic? Catholic catechist, writer and speaker, Dr. David Anders answers that question and more when he takes calls from non-Catholics.

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Called to Communion - 01/09/2020 - Do Rules Make Religion Bad?

Do rules make religion bad, what is the Pope's main role, what is the difference between mortal and venial sin, do Catholics pray in Jesus's name, and are extraterrestrials real? Learn more about the Catholic faith here with Dr. David Anders.

Called to Communion - 01/08/2020 - When is War Justified?

What is the Church's stance on war and when is war justified (14:13), is America a Christian nation (14:13), why does Jesus say "do this in remembrance of me", do we cease to exist if our personality changes, why do Protestants emphasize the Rapture and Catholics don't, and will I have six-pack abs in Heaven?

Called to Communion - 01/07/2020 - The Catholic View Of Mary

01/07/20 - Why does the Catholic Church emphasize Mary so much (14:39), children of Invitro Fertilization, why didn't Billy Graham convert to Catholicism, can faith and reason be reconciled, why did Christians engage in the Crusades, and why was Jesus baptized by John? Discover more about the Catholic faith with Dr. David Anders.

Called to Communion - 01/06/2020 - My Husband Says I Can't Convert

If my husband says I can't convert do I have to obey him (42:10), were the events in Exodus historical, who does the scripture "call no man father" apply to, why patron Saints, and what kind of exchange can we have with the Saints in heaven and souls in Purgatory? Discover the answer with Dr. David Anders.

Called to Communion - 01/05/2020 - Does No Conception Equal Divorce?

(Best Of) If a husband and wife can't conceive can they get divorced (6:07), does the Memorare prayer worship Mary, how is it that Mary remained a virgin when she was married, does the Church impose its belief on all, and can science prove that the Eucharist is Jesus? Dr. Anders is at work to help you with your journey towards the Catholic faith.

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