Called to Communion

What’s stopping you from becoming a Catholic? Catholic catechist, writer and speaker, Dr. David Anders answers that question and more when he takes calls from non-Catholics.

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Called to Communion - 02/16/2020 - Is The Bible Just A History Book?

(Best Of) Is the Bible just a history book (30:10), is Purgatory in Heaven, should I leave the Church because of the Pope's political positions, can I attend my wife's Protestant church to keep harmony in our marriage? Discover more with Dr. David Anders.

Called to Communion - 02/14/2020 - Why Be Catholic Over Other Religions?

Why be Catholic over other religions, how do you explain miracles, is burying St. Joseph statues superstitious, and what is the difference between Greek Orthodoxy and Western Catholicism. Join Dr. Anders in falling love with the Catholic faith.

Called to Communion - 02/13/2020 - Is TLM The Only Valid Mass?

Is Traditional Latin Mass the only valid mass (17:35), if Jesus is God, who was He praying to in the Garden, what is Papal infallibility, how can a loving God send people to Hell forever, and will God forgive me if I have had multiple sexual partners? Discover the answers with Dr. David Anders.

Called to Communion - 02/12/2020 - Why Was I Put On This Earth?

Why was I put on this Earth (39:19) are Hell and Purgatory a contradiction to each other, were Adam and Eve real people, and why does the Catholic Church allow the faithful to marry atheists? Discover more with Dr. David Anders.

Called to Communion - 02/11/2020 - Does Genesis Debunk the Prolife Position

Does the Book of Genesis debunk the prolife position (38:47), are we saved by faith alone, who elected Pope Linus, and how do I deal with my spouse's resistance to becoming Catholic?

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