Called to Communion

What’s stopping you from becoming a Catholic? Catholic catechist, writer and speaker, Dr. David Anders answers that question and more when he takes calls from non-Catholics.

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Called to Communion - 01/22/2020 - Does Catholicism Subvert the Bible?

Does Catholicism subvert the Bible (15:58), why is the Annulment process in the Church so complicated, how can I become Catholic if I have a severe gluten allergy, do I have to agree with all of Church teaching to become Catholic, and what does the Church think about UFO's? Join us as we discover more about the Catholic faith, together, with Dr. David Anders.

Called to Communion - 01/21/2020 - Why Do Christians Eat Pork?

Why do Christians eat pork when it is prohibited 3 times in the Old Testament (29:06), did Abraham exist and did the Exodus really happen, why didn't Jesus come back during the life of the Apostles, is there potential for a reunion of the Orthodox and Rome, and what are near death experiences? Discover more about the Catholic faith with Dr. David Anders.

Called to Communion - 01/20/2020 - Martin Luther King Jr. & What is Mass?

Dr. David Anders discusses how Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. appealed to Thomas Aquinas to address the unjust laws of Birmingham, AL during the 1960s (1:04). After that, what is a mass, will converting to Catholicism cause you to suffer, why didn't God stop us from sinning, do Catholics buy there way into heaven, Catholic view of Marriage vs natural marriage, and how do grace and the sacraments work?

Called to Communion - 01/17/2020 - Does Celibacy Contradict the Bible?

Is the Catholic church's discipline of priestly celibacy in direct conflict with 1 Tim 3:2, is the death of Christ necessary, will God answer the prayer of any person and will God give you a sports car, why venerate Abraham as moral figure even though he did some questionable things , and why are there 2 different Genesis creation stories? Discover more about the Catholic faith with Dr. David Anders.

Called to Communion - 01/16/2020 - Did Jesus Ever Say to Consult the Bible?

Did Christ ever command us to consult the Bible when seeking to discern matters of Christian doctrine(19:52), why do we look to the Saints and try to be perfect, can one person through prayer change the judgement of another, how do we know God is real, why pray to Mary, and when does the Pope teach without error. Discover more about the Catholic faith with Dr. David Anders.

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