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Word On Fire: The Heroic Priesthood (March 31)

What words might you use to describe the priesthood? Priests often describe their own lives as happy, bold, exciting, studious, Spirit-filled, and love-oriented. While these adjectives are certainly accurate, the priesthood must also be described as heroic, for priests die to themselves and give their lives utterly to Christ and His people. In this episode of the Word on Fire Show, Bishop Barron explains the radical self-gift demanded by the priesthood as well as the lavish graces God pours back into the life of each priest. The listener question asks how parents might nurture religious vocations in their children.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: Wholehearted, Part III: Unwanted (March 24)

Because of the wound against trust that has come into all of our hearts, it is difficult to be vulnerable. It is challenging to be vulnerable before other people. And it is incredibly challenging to be vulnerable before God. Because we all know that one can only be loved if a person is beautiful, healthy, strong… “whole”. Due to this, we all carry around a temptation to shame. Only when our shame is named and we allow Jesus to call us out of the shame can we step towards living whole-heartedly.

Word On Fire: Evangelizing with Goodness (March 24)

Truth, beauty, and goodness are the three transcendentals that draw people to belief in God. As important as rational arguments and beautiful artwork are for preserving and sharing the faith, Christian goodness has proven to be an explosively powerful means of evangelization over the centuries. In this episode of the Word on Fire Show, Bishop Barron explains the history of Christian moral goodness and discusses how this unique way of charity continues to bring people to Christ. Finally, a listener asks who inspires Bishop Barron.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: Wholehearted, Part II: School of Trust (March 17)

Ever since the Fall in the Garden of Eden, our image of God has become distorted. We find that we don’t naturally trust God. We all have the temptation to imagine that God is simply out to eliminate joy and ruin our happiness. And yet, the entire Bible is God’s attempt to win back our trust. Father Michael Gaitley calls this attempt “God’s School of Trust”.

Word On Fire: How to Have Hope (March 17)

Lent is a time where Catholics go “into the desert” and confront all the sins that keep us from perfect communion with God. We offer Lenten practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving that we might be strengthened for our journey into the Divine Life. During this trial (and all trials), Catholics can take heart in the certain joy of Easter, the great Christian hope of the Resurrection. In this episode of the Word on Fire Show, Bishop Barron explains the hope on offer in Christianity and discusses how we can cling to this unique hope regardless of our circumstances. Finally, a listener asks how to cultivate an emotional connection with God.

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