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The desire to be seen and to be known is written deep in the human heart. But is a person great simply because a large number of people acknowledge them? Jesus reveals that true greatness is when a person gives themselves away to something or someone greater; it is to lay down one’s life for Him and for the Gospel. It does not consist in self-protection or self-expression, but in self-donation.

During this hour, hosts Thom Price and Sherry Brownrigg continued live from Fargo as they spoke with Jack Kennelly and Dick Shorma.

This week, we’re sharing the first half of Bishop Barron’s keynote talk at the recent 2018 World Meeting of Families in Dublin, Ireland. His talk was titled “Pope Francis on the Gospel of the Family.” We’ll share the second half in next week’s episode. Enjoy!

During this hour, Thom Price and Sherry Brownrigg sat down with Chris and Gina Ahlers, as they hosted live from Fargo, ND.

During this hour, hosts Andy Shaw and Fr. Michel Mulloy continued live from Rapid City as they spoke with Fr. Grant Gerlach of the Diocese of Rapid City.

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