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Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: Like Everyone Else

Imagine Paul walking up to one of these women who had been used to being used and saying, "Actually, the True God doesn’t want anyone to use you. The True God was willing to die for you. And He did die for you." Imagine that kind of power of that kind of preaching: it’s not like anyone else! And that is the preaching, and that is the Word, and that is the decision that changed EVERYTHING.

Word on Fire: What Really Happens When We Die?

What really happens when we die? In a recent interview with Larry King, popular astro-physicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, offers a scientifically reduced answer to this philosophically rich question. In this episode of the Word On Fire Show, Bishop Barron reacts to Tyson’s response and offers a more holistic understanding of human identity and death. A listener asks how God can be both a person and the sheer act of “to be” itself.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: Courage and Jesus

Living as a Catholic in this world takes courage. But it also takes the power that only comes from Jesus.

Word on Fire: Listener Q&A with Bishop Barron

Normally, in each episode we take one listener question. But we’ve received such a large number of outstanding questions from around the globe that we’ve decided to devote another episode to answering a range of questions from listeners like you. Bishop Barron answers several questions, rapid fire, on many different topics

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: Disciples Make Disciples

Homily from the Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.
Church programs can do some good, but only disciples can make disciples. A disciple has allowed Jesus to be the Lord of their learning, their love, and their life.

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