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Reflections With Fr. Mike Schmitz: Enough

A culture of excess is an unhappy culture. A person of excess is a person driven by fear. But with Christ, a person can find joy even when they do not have what they need. Because with Christ, they know that they have enough.

Word on Fire: The 5 Men Who Most Influenced Bishop Barron

In his new book, To Light a Fire on the Earth, Bishop Barron shares the story of his own spiritual formation as a young man coming of age after Vatican II, who is then called to preach to a secular world. Thankfully, the bishop was guided by great men who, despite the tide of secularism and moral relativism, embodied the steadfast spirituality, integrity, and moral rectitude that informs a heroic priesthood. In this episode of the Word On Fire Show, Bishop Barron discusses the impact of five key figures in his life, beginning with his father, John Clayton Barron, Sr. and ending with his late, great mentor, Cardinal Francis George of Chicago.

Reflections With Fr. Mike Schmitz: Look Like Jesus, Part V: Whatever

A disciple is a person who lives like Jesus and who sees the world like Jesus. A disciple shares the worldview of Christ and sees all things: others, death, self, purpose, and Good and Evil…as they are.

Word on Fire: Did Thomas Aquinas Really Prove God? (Part 2 of 2)

This is the second part of a series responding to a viral YouTube video titled “Aquinas and the Cosmological Arguments” (750,000+ views), which claims that Thomas Aquinas’ arguments for God have been decisively refuted. But have they? Bishop Barron responds to the video and shows that when properly understood, Thomas’ arguments are as strong today as ever before. A listener asks how the word “Gospel” would have been understood in the first century.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: Look Like Jesus, Part IV: Christ's Why

Each one of our lives is made up of any number of “what's”. But a truly great life is driven by one great “why”. This “why” is the motivation and the vision for a life lived on purpose. The life of Jesus can be summed up in one single great “why”.

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