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Join Sharon as she explores the Gospel of John!

Many people are overwhelmed by anxiety. Anxiety over all the things that need to get done and over all that they have been through. But God calls us to have no anxiety at all. And to surrender our past, present, and future to His dominion.

Listen to this sample lesson from Dr. Anthony Pagliarini’s course for the Word on Fire Institute titled “How Nones Can Misread the Bible.” To access the other six lessons in this course, join the Word on Fire Institute today. You’ll also receive a copy of Bishop Barron’s new book, the latest issue of the Evangelization & Culture Journal, and immediate access to all of Bishop Barron’s films and study programs!

Our hosts talked with Jeff & Caroline Koppenhaver on the impact of RPR!

Our hosts talked with Mike & Karen Splonskowski on the impact of RPR!

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