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Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: "Yeah...and?" (April 21)

We can think that God loves us because we are good and we deserve it. The truth is that He loves us because He is good and we need it.

Word On Fire: The Case for the Resurrection (April 21)

The Case for Christ is a film adaptation of Lee Strobel’s best-selling book of the same name, one that has made an enormous splash in Evangelical circles and beyond. It is the true story of a young, ambitious (and atheist) reporter for the Chicago Tribune, who fell into a psychological and spiritual crisis when his wife became a Christian. In an attempt to bring his wife back to atheism, Lee used his considerable analytical and investigative skills to debunk the resurrection of Jesus. If Jesus didn’t rise, Strobel realizes, all of Christianity crumbles like a house of cards. In this episode, Bishop Robert Barron walks alongside Strobel through many of the common claims against the Resurrection of Jesus and explains why each lacks credibility in the face of real historical evidence. The listener question wonders how he might overcome objections from his loved ones as he joins the Church.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: Wholehearted, Part V: Even Now (April 7)

Jesus reveals His heart. He is the God of the broken heart. And Jesus reveals that He is the God who is willing to suffer for the sake of the one He loves. We are called to love Jesus…and to love like Jesus. This means being willing to suffer for the One we love as well. And in this suffering, God will be able to do something to us and do something through us that is only possible in darkness.

Word On Fire: Following the Right Jesus (April 7)

Thomas Joseph White’s book The Incarnate Lord discusses the importance of Jesus’ identity. The classical tradition of Christology understood Jesus ontologically, that is to say, in terms of his fundamental being or existential identity; whereas modern and contemporary Christology tends to understand Jesus psychologically or relationally. The transition from an ontological Christology to a consciousness Christology has conduced toward all manner of relativism, subjectivism, indifferentism, and the attenuation of evangelical zeal. In this episode, Bishop Robert Barron unpacks these theological concepts and explains their consequences in familiar terms. The listener question asks about the Jesus Seminar of the Westar Institute.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: Wholehearted, Part IV: Into the Heart (March 31)

It is a great sign of humility to not be surprised by weakness. It is a great sign of hope to not be discouraged by weakness. It is a great sign of love to not be stopped by weakness. It is a great sign that one is taking Jesus seriously to not be disqualified by weakness.

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