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If I live in such a way that I merely follow the crowd, I will find myself praising Jesus on Sunday and crying out for His Crucifixion on Friday. This world is a “not friend“ of the Christian. Therefore, we must stand against the world and for Jesus.

We record this episode the day after a tragic fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris has destroyed the spire, roof, and interior of one of the most important and magnificent religious sites in the world. Bishop Barron shares his close ties to Notre Dame, including his time as tour guide, and explains why these Gothic churches are so significant. A listener asks about Robert Sokolowski and which of his books to read.

Behind enemy lines, we find ourselves in a battle with the Enemy of God. Satan is real and Satan must be resisted. But the Catholic Christian has been given the tools to engage in the fight and thrive with the strength provided by God Himself.

Bishop Barron and Joe Gloor record live from the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, discussing what’s new and exciting at Word on Fire.

While all of us struggle with different sins and temptations, we all ultimately have the same enemy: pride. Pride is a chameleon and can disguise itself in many different ways. Ultimately, pride will work to keep you holding onto something other than God and to remain outside the Father’s house. Telling the truth…and hearing the Father’s voice…is the way to let go of what we cling to and come inside.

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