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If we seek to grow closer to Jesus, one powerful way to do so is by reading, praying with, and studying the Bible. But many Catholics are intimidated at the thought. So how can we ease our way into reading the Bible? Join Dr. Chris and Renae Kranz as they dive into this topic!

Today, Bishop Barron answers questions from children all over the world, including:

Is God bigger than an elephant?
Why did God make bad germs?
How did God come to exist?
How can God see us from up in heaven if we can’t see him?
Do you think animals go to Heaven?
Why do bad things happen?
If God knows everything, did he make my thoughts?
Why did God not give the 10 commandments to Adam and Eve?

Enjoy the annual Know Your Faith Competition brought to you from Bishop Ryan High School in Minot, ND. Fr. Kregg Hochhalter and Fr. Justin Waltz hosted this year's contest between St. Mary's Central High School from Bismarck, Shanley High School from Fargo, Trinity High School from Dickinson, Bishop Ryan Catholic School from Minot, and Sacred Heart School from East Grand Forks, MN.

Enjoy the annual Men in Black Basketball Game from St. Thomas More High School in Rapid City, SD. Tune in for this match-up between the priests of the Diocese of Rapid City and the STM students!

Recorded LIVE from the steps of the Capitol in Bismarck, ND!

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