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During this hour, hosts Steve Splonskowski and Fr. Randal Kasel sat down with Cathie Baier, Stephen Maas, and Walter Crawford, as they hosted live from the University of St. Thomas, Saint Paul, MN.

Failure is not final and failure is not fatal. As long as we don’t stop, and as long as we are willing to learn from our failures, they have no power to defeat us but only to educate us and make us better.

A recent bill proposed in the California Senate will force priests to report any crimes of sexual abuse they hear about in the confessional, breaking the seal of Confession. Bishop Barron speaks about the sacredness of this sacrament and what the Church should do if, suddenly, the sacrament of Confession becomes functionally illegal.

During this hour, host Jack Kennelly sat down with Doreen Kennelly, Colleen Kranda & Jean Eppler, as they hosted live from the Fargo studio.

During this hour, hosts Jack Kennelly and Brad Gray sat down with Den & Megan Bolda, as they hosted live from the Fargo studio.

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