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Reflections With Fr. Mike Schmitz: Look Like Jesus, Part III: Unshakable Identity

What defines you? Too often, our activities give us our identity. Because of this, our sense of self and our sense of joy is constantly in danger of being compromised. Our identity comes from the fact that God has made Himself our Dad and the primacy of a relationship that has claimed me.

Word on Fire: Bishop Barron‘s New Book with John Allen, Jr.

Bishop Barron has a new book coming out titled To Light a Fire on the Earth: Proclaiming Christ in a Secular Age. It’s a book-length conversation between Bishop Barron and John Allen, Jr., the award-winning Vatican journalist, and touches on a wide range of subjects including God, atheism, social media, prayer, beauty, and why the Church matters today. In today’s episode, John joins Bishop Barron to discuss the new book.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: Look Like Jesus, Part II: The Last Enemy

There is no need to fear death, because Jesus has conquered death. And yet, do we approach death the way Jesus approached death? Many of us see death as “natural” or something to be avoided. But Jesus saw death as an enemy to be stared down and battled. And yet, Jesus was not immune to death or grief. Jesus allowed death to break His heart, but He did not allow it to break His hope. As disciples, we must do the same.

Word on Fire: Bishop Barron at Facebook

Every day, millions of people argue about religion on social media. The comboxes of religious and atheist sites are among the most visited and the most heated in the virtual space. But what Bishop Robert Barron finds interesting is how few people really know how to have a good religious argument. There is a lot of energy, lots of sharp words, and lots of strong feelings expressed. But rarely do we come across productive, rational argument about religion. Bishop Barron paves a way forward, showing how we all, believer and nonbeliever alike, can share better religious discussions.

2017 Fall Live Drive 6 PM FRI Tim Mosser and Fr. Charles LaCroix

During this half hour, we finished our time with special guests and Real Presence Live hosts Tim Mosser and Fr. Charles LaCroix.

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