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Word On Fire: The Impossibly Good News of Easter

This week we enjoy a live recording of Bishop Barron’s inspiring Easter homily.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: The Root, Part V: Fruit or Root

Transformation is a part of life. And Lent is all about allowing God to make us into the kind of people He has created and called us to be. And yet, many of us spend time focusing on the “fruits” of change rather than being attentive to the root. We can change cosmetically, but lasting change has to be substantial. This change has to reach the root. It has to be connected to our identity. And it has to flow from our relationship with our Father.

Word on Fire: Live Q&A from the L.A. Congress

In this episode, Bishop Barron and Brandon Vogt record live from the L.A. Congress, discussing Bishop Barron’s keynote talk on beauty and interacting with visitors at the booth.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: The Root, Part IV: Radical

Many people find it incredibly difficult to be honest…even with themselves. But unless we get past the surface to the root of what is truly in our hearts, not only will we not know ourselves, no one else will know us either. In our relationship with God, we need to be honest with what is in our heart, we need to entrust what we’ve found to Him, and we need to be vulnerable enough to receive His love.

Word on Fire: Jordan Peterson and Catholicism

In last week’s episode, we discussed the Jordan Peterson phenomenon, wondering how the Canadian clinical psychologist exploded so quickly in popularity. In this week’s episode, we continue the discussion as Bishop Barron reflects on Peterson’s religious views and Biblical interpretation. A listener wonders why we spend so much money on churches instead of giving it to the poor.

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