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Word on Fire: Sex, Babies, and a Prophetic Pope

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Humanae Vitae, the controversial encyclical by Pope Paul VI which defended the classic sexual framework and prophesied the devastating consequences that would result upon its rejection. As Bishop Barron reveals, those prophecies have since been strongly vindicated. A listener asks whether God hates anything since he is defined by love.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: Life Demands Courage

We can have our whole lives be about God: being in His presence, serving His people, learning His Word. But what happens when God’s response to that is silence? Sometimes silence is just silence. In the silence, Samuel shows us that we can become the kind of people that God needs to become. There is no one in Scripture, there is no one in history who stood steadfast in the silence and wasn’t transformed by the Lord in that silence.

Word on Fire: Word on Fire in 2018

What does Bishop Barron have in store for 2018? Find out in this episode where he talks through several exciting new projects, talks, and initiatives. A listener asks how to choose good books, ones that help your faith rather than harm it.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: Be At Peace

Is it possible to have peace in the midst of battle? Peace is not the absence of war, but the presence of something more powerful that war and trial. Peace is found when one is ready for the current challenge because they have done what they needed to do. This principally involves being in right relationship with one’s self, with others, and most especially with God. Repentance leads to right relationship…and Confession is the great gift that God has extended to us so we can be found at peace.

Word on Fire: Fire and Mission

Since Bishop Barron is out of town this week, we decided to share his talk from the FOCUS Student Leadership Summit in Chicago. Over 8,000 young Catholic leaders gathered to hear Bishop Barron speak about the Acts of the Apostles and our summons to mission. Enjoy the talk!

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