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Word on Fire:Jordan Peterson’s Next Step

Recently, Bishop Barron watched several YouTube conversations between Sam Harris, a well-known atheist, and Dr. Jordan Peterson, one of today’s most prominent and beguiling intellectuals today. We’ve talked in past episodes about Dr. Peterson’s reliance on Carl Jung, and his archetypal reading of the Bible, but today we explore Dr. Peterson’s similarities to Immanuel Kant, especially when it comes to the question of God. A listener asks why a Hindu should become Christian if Hinduism seems to have a more peaceful history.

Knowing the Scriptures Bible Study: The New Testament Letters Part I (Lesson 8: 1 Corinthians 8-10)

In this eighth lesson, Dr. Jan George, a retired university teacher of literature with a Master of Theology from the University of Dallas and founder of Sacred Heart Productions, discusses:

  • Love and the Fulfillment of the Law
  • Freedom and the Demands of Love
  • The Old Testament as Divine Instruction
  • The Usefulness of Trials and Temptation

To find a study guide for each part of the program and to learn more visit:


Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: Disqualified: Unfit

There are some things in our lives (our decisions, our wounds, our weaknesses) that we wish and pray were gone. God calls you and I in our weakness; He doesn’t necessarily call us out of our weakness.

Word on Fire: Scapegoating on Social Media

The recent confrontation between a grinning young high school student and a Native American elder has led to much anger and vitriol, especially on social media. But as Bishop Barron suggests, it also exemplified the “scapegoating mechanism” described by philosopher René Girard. How do we avoid this scapegoating? How can we bring more light to the online world? Bishop Barron has some advice. A listener asks whether our memories will transfer to Heaven.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: Disqualified: Remarkably Average

There are many people who would look remarkably average on paper. Our stats would reveal that we are unqualified for being a part of God’s great work. But the Lord calls us to the greatest of these: love.

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