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What was the Second Vatican Council and what does it matter to your life? Join Dr. Chris and Renae Kranz as they answer these and other questions about this monumental event in Church history.

Join Sharon as she explores the Gospel of Luke!

Trust is a challenge for all of us. Trust in God is a battle that every person faces at some point in their lives. Often, we might find is easier to trust God if He were a “tame god”, but He is not. This Lent, our invitation is to not only trust in God’s mercy, but also in His justice.

Bishop Barron recently joined students from Princeton University in a virtual Q&A about God, faith, reason, and evangelization. The event was led by Leah Libresco Sargeant, a fellow of the Word on Fire Institute, and graciously hosted by The Aquinas Institute at Princeton’s Catholic Campus Ministry. Today on the podcast, we share the second half of the Q&A.

What is the Catechism of the Catholic Church and why should you care about it? That's our topic for this episode of Ignition with Dr. Chris Burgwald and Renae Kranz.

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