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Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: We’ll See

When following Jesus, the first things He invites us to give up are safety and control.

Word on Fire: Signs of Hope with the “Nones”

Bishop Barron spoke to all the U.S. bishops about the “nones” during their recent USCCB gathering. In this episode, we walk through Bishop Barron’s talk and discuss some of the criticism he’s received about his presentation, particularly his reference to the Jordan Peterson phenomenon. A listener asks how we can stay optimistic as Catholics in light of all the challenges the Church faces.

Rutten Radio -- July 3, 2019

During the first part of this month's episode, the Rutten brothers reflected on their movie of the month: What's Eating Gilbert Grape. In the second part of the hour, they talked about the theme of freedom and what freedom means to us as Catholics.

Knowing the Scriptures Bible Study: Lesson 12 (Luke 19:11 – 21)

In this lesson, Dr. Jan George, a retired university teacher of literature with a Master of Theology from the University of Dallas and founder of Sacred Heart Productions, discusses: The Authority of Christ and His Church Is Heavenly in Origin, Christ’s Warning About the Last Days, and The Psalms Teach us How to Pray. To find a study guide for each part of the program and to learn more visit:

Word on Fire: Myths About the Catholic Church

As the Word on Fire Institute launches a new course by Dr. Christopher Kaczor on “Myths of the Catholic Church,” Bishop Barron and host Jared Zimmerer talk about seven of the most common misunderstandings people have about Catholicism. A listener asks about blessings–what they are, and what they do.

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