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Is it possible to have peace in the midst of battle? Peace is not the absence of war, but the presence of something more powerful that war and trial. Peace is found when one is ready for the current challenge because they have done what they needed to do. This principally involves being in right relationship with one’s self, with others, and most especially with God. Repentance leads to right relationship…and Confession is the great gift that God has extended to us so we can be found at peace.

There seems to be a growing sentiment, both within the Church and the wider culture, that if you share a public conversation with someone, or say something nice about one particular aspect of their work, you’re necessarily endorsing everything they’ve ever said or done and can therefore be easily dismissed, a fallacy known as “guilt by association.”

Bishop Barron discusses this problem, how it undermines evangelization, and why he chooses to engage people from across the religious and cultural spectrum.

Dr. Chris interviews Emily Leedom about how to live the holidays when it's hard.

Join Sharon while she explores the Gospel of John!

No one ever sets out to lose. But losing is entirely possible: in business, relationships, and in the spiritual life. It is possible to lose one’s soul. No one wants to lose, but many people do. Even with a great roadmap, we need regular checkpoints to make sure we are on course and haven’t gone off track.

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