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According to a recent Wall Street Journal headline, “Catholic Schools Are Losing Students at Record Rates, and Hundreds Are Closing.” Catholic schools peaked in the 1960s with about 5.5 million students in 11,000 schools. Today, Catholic schools boast only 1.6 million students in 5,900 schools. What explains this decline? And what can we do about it?

Bishop Barron and Brandon Vogt discuss the situation of Catholic schools, the purpose of Catholic education, and where Catholic schools should move in the future.

A listener asks, how can we be better friends with our friends who are not Christian?

Join Sharon while she explores the Gospel of Luke!

What we are is shaped and revealed by what we choose. Who we are is established by relationships.

We heard parts of the Gospel at every Mass, but have you ever read them from beginning to end? In this episode, Dr. Chris and Dr. Bob Rice talk about the importance of reading each of the Gospels so that we might come to know Jesus more deeply.

Bishop Barron recently visited the University of St. Thomas in Houston, where he had the great privilege of preaching at their baccalaureate Mass. In his homily, shared today on the podcast, he said we must remember that the primary purpose of a Catholic university is evangelization, the proclamation of the lordship of Jesus Christ. Therefore, education must equip and form graduates to sanctify the world, so that the light of Christ can be brought into workplaces, classrooms, and trades.

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