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Join Sharon as she explores the Book of Genesis!

It is wise to take responsibility for one’s own time, resources, and family. And yet, we must be ready to allow ourselves to be interrupted by God. This demands faith. Real faith is more than belief, but involves renunciation of any claim we might have on our lives in favor of the absolute claim Jesus has on every aspect of our lives.

Stoicism is experiencing a cultural moment, especially among Millennial techies. What is this ancient school of philosophy? Why is it seeing a revival today? And how does it compare to Christianity? Bishop Barron discusses both worldviews in this episode of the “Word on Fire Show.”

A listener asks if the word “holy” means set apart for a particular purpose, what exactly does it mean when we say God himself is holy?

Hosts Jack & Doreen Kennelly visit with Fr. Greg Haman & Nathan Sather!

Hosts Jack & Doreen Kennelly visit with Fr. Greg Haman!

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