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In the beginning, God made human beings for work. Work is one of the attributes we share with God. We are made to be God’s co-workers in this world. This reality wasn’t lost after the Fall, but it was obscured. We work for the wrong things or in the wrong way. But work is still a blessing if we look at it with the proper vision.

A recent Christianity Today article titled, “Christian, What Do You Believe? Probably a Heresy About Jesus, Says Survey” explores a State of Theology survey conducted in the United States by LifeWay Research, based on interviews with 3,000 Americans. Bishop Barron discusses the alarming results. A listener asks what it feels like for Bishop Barron to act in persona Christi capitis.

Real freedom and joy…real relationships and holiness…are based off telling the truth. The essential virtue of telling the truth about one’s self is humility. Without humility, I remain a mystery to myself and hidden from God and others. With humility, I can finally hear the voice of the Father.

How should Christians use social media? How can we escape its dangers (venomous rhetoric, echo chambers, etc.) and instead use these tools well? Bishop Barron offers his advice and shares how he personally uses these tools. A listener asks whether Bishop Barron is now part of the Intellectual Dark Web after speaking with Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin.

In this second lesson, Dr. Jan George, a retired university teacher of literature with a Master of Theology from the University of Dallas and founder of Sacred Heart Productions, discusses:

  • Christ’s Second Coming
  • Being a Model of Holiness for Others
  • Sacred Tradition and Its Relationship to Scripture

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