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The annual United Nations World Happiness Report, which measures the happiness of different countries, is always dominated by Scandinavian nations. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland have always been in the top ten. But what’s striking is that these happiest countries are also those which rank among the least religious. On the flip side, most African countries, which tend to be the very religious, consistently land near the bottom of the U.N. Happiness Report.
What does Bishop Barron make of this? How should we actually define happiness, and what have the great thinkers and saints throughout time said about finding happiness? That’s what we discuss in today’s episode.
A listener asks how we reconcile all the violence/competition seen in nature with the Creator God of peace.

It's Labor Day Weekend! Have you ever wondered, though, why we celebrate the thing that most of us want to avoid? And relatedly, did you know that the Church actually has something to say about labor, about work? That's what Dr. Chris and Renae discuss in this episode of Ignition!

The Rutten Brothers questioned reality and talked about charisms as they reviewed their movie of the month: "A Beautiful Mind"

Join Sharon while she explores the Book of Genesis!

The worst days of our life often com after the best days of our life. But even in those "worst days", you are not done yet. God has more for you to do and further for you to go. He wants to feed you with what you are going to need to have enough strength for the journey.

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