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Missionary Disciples are called to engage with the culture, not run away from it. But why? And how? That's what Dr. Chris and Dr. Bob Rice discuss in this episode of Ignition.

The Word on Fire Bible series is one of the most ambitious and significant projects we’ve ever taken on. Listen as Bishop Barron and Brandon discuss where the idea came from and the future of the project. They also give you a sneak peek at Volume II of the series, which will cover Acts, Letters, and Revelation.

Join Sharon while she explores the Gospel of Luke!

It is possible to encounter God and go back to the same life. It is possible to live as if the miracle had never happened. It is possible to say "I believe" and not be a witness. But it is also possible to not see a miracle and still bear witness to Christ by how we live, what we choose, and what we love.

Today we share Bishop Barron’s talk at the 2021 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress titled “Catholics, Media Mobs, and the Culture of Contempt.” The talk focuses on how to address the swell of negative and nasty behavior we’re seeing online, not just in general but especially among Catholics.

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